Gaiba, 1044 inhabitants in Rovigo province We are in the middle of Veneto countryside next to the river Po, and here in the same week of Queens and Halle tournaments the PLAYGROUNDS OPEN takes place, female tournament with 5000€ prizemoney on the courts, players coming from all Europe such as the Fed Cup player Diana Marcinkevica (#273 WTA) the Serbian Barbara Bonic, the Taiwanese talent Joanna Garland (#21 ITF Junior) and the Italian Alberta Brianti (former #55 WTA), the tournament winner Our aim is to be a village that welcomes players before Wimbledon and we succeed this year. We are hosting Melania Delai that is training for Wimbledon Junior and Viktor Galovic (#181 ATP) training for Wimbledon and this a dream for us. A dream build up step by step during last years Since a group of young friends, passioned about tennis decided to transform an unused soccer field in the summertime into a lawn playground, aiming Wimbledon style, till to become the notorious Gaibledon It’s already 4/5 years that this Tennis Club, these guys are struggling so much to carry the natural grass feeling in such a exceptional way but, what’s the Gaibledon secret? The Gaibledon secret is to cut the grass and press courts everyday and moreover there’s a tough Team, guys that work hard everyday from the morning till the night, when they ended the school but even before since March to prepare grassy lawn and the events organization thus a Team really strong and special where everyone has well defined task and in this way we have a successful set-up Like at Wimbledon, that sent an accomplished mail, even at Gaibledon, gardeners have a crucial role their task is to guarantee courts always perfect we are a team of 10/15 guys we are focused on the court maintenance and tournaments organization about courts booking also reserved to amateur players. There are people dedicated to paint lines, to cut grass. It’s incredible how they realized these 4 courts They handle them in such an incredible way, they have so much passion they cut the grass and paint lines everyday.. also yesterday I helped them painting lines. it’s so beautiful Melania Delai has chosen Gaiba to prepare her Wimbledon Junior debut and like everyone plays here, She fell in love for Gaibledon You must all come here because it’s a life experience and and meet all the Gaibledon Team is truly wonderful

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Dennis Veasley


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