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Dennis Veasley

31 thoughts on “Serve + 1, How To Win With ONLY 2 Shots”

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  2. Scott, how did you develop your serve? It looks like you are not really using your body on your serve. It's definitely unconventional.

  3. I love your guys videos! Great knowledge, in depth instruction and you both have great chemistry when delivering the message. Thank you!

  4. Guys great chemistry & explanation. Liked the dark and solid color court and space so that player n ball positions could be seen clearly. Perhaps one of the best coaching YouTube out there. More please!

  5. Hey Guys…Great stuff…Yes, 'm interested in more free points. 🙂 When starting a tournament match should the initial strategy mindset be serve + 1 or rule of 3? Thanks

  6. You need to have good serve fundamentals to do the 1-2 killer punch to end the rallies quickly before they start, Rec Club players, many of them I seen on you tube videos are serving up rubbish for Serves. They're clearing the net but the problem is the ball is going down into the middle of the box too much into their player's strike zones areas so they are not even serving good because they are serving straight into the wall.. And when you serve straight into the wall, the ball bounces back again into play. Then these players wonder why with the bad serves they getting all trapped up in long endless rallies fighting for nearly every single point with their groundstrokes while their opponents because of their bad serving is behaving like a human volleyboard.. Bad serving puts the pressure on the groundstrokes.

  7. So next video, when Nate is "definitely serving", push to make the video about effective returns, and how to hit return winners?

  8. Is Nathan drunk in this video? Right around 1:38 he's really losing his ability to speak. Shrategies, emplimeaning them…. lol

  9. The only way to create lots of traffic to to present different ideas, so i get that. But to assume the returner is going to return, then just make no attempt to play next shot is a little ingenious. Making 3.5 players watch the video, try it, see it doesnt work this easily only hurts your channel long term. Its just not this simple.

  10. What do you feel the Babolat pure strike excells at? Which shots, how big is your swing size using it, defensive or aggressive, more power oriented or control oriented (down the line or deep).
    And which strings do you feel like compliment the racket well? (i.e. I use Multi in mains and poly in crosses)

  11. Question:
    As a server, do you adjust your court position along the baseline depending whether you're serving wide or down the T (move away from center for better angle on serve out wide)?

  12. If they hit a return that’s really high back but deep and then have time to get back into the middle surely can’t hit winner in that situation?

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