I think the key to
improving your serve is really going to be your toss. Getting your toss
to be consistent is a great, easy exercise. One of my favorites, as
it involves zero cardio. So what you do is you just
stand in a serving position, and you toss the ball up, and you make sure it always
lands in the same line as your arm. So your arm is straight
as you toss it up. And repeat 50 times.

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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Serena Williams: The Quick Path to a Better Serve | MasterClass Moments | MasterClass”

  1. The fact that this video has solo views and that this woman is probably the greatest living athlete is proof two point that the public will always have an issue with her, and for reasons I do not understand. Weather because she's a woman or a black woman or a strong woman I don't get it but a queen is giving knowledge and they'd rather pay attention to the inferior.

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