This is as close to a private
lesson with me as you can get. A good way to practice your
first serve and make it flat is to pronate more on the shot. Hey, John, I just
saw your backhand. Killer shot, good job, but
what I want you to try, I want you to try to
get your arm straight. Get your left arm
through it a little more. When I was getting
established as a player, there were things that
I wished I’d learned.

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Dennis Veasley

19 thoughts on “Serena Williams Teaches Tennis | Official Trailer | MasterClass”

  1. The only advert on YT this far that I adore watching. Thank you so much, Serena, for sharing a little ounce of your amazing gift with us! Demi

  2. this will probably be considered hate speech, ect but didn't she lock herself in her panic room when people from the drug testing whatever administration come to test her? fu. cking. lol.

  3. Love all the master classes. But.. I do not think teaching a sport can be done by online course.. Exercises can be taught by video, but sport… really?

  4. Lesson 3…how to excuse your own bad behavior by saying others have done worse. Lesson 4…the art of threatening to assault line judges…

  5. I'm pretty good at tennis already, but I need a lot of practice on how to threaten umpires and demand apologies even once I've been caught cheating. I also need to brush up on how to steal someone else's moment of glory, and how to get an entire stadium's crowd to boo my innocent opponent, just for me to tell them to calm down, so I end up looking like the hero.

    Any chance you can help me, Serena?

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