Zidane: If you want my shirt so much, I’ll give it you after! Materazzi: I’d prefer his sister.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Sensational Revenge Moments in Football #1”

  1. Messi: bunch of goals vs Real Madrid.
    Ronaldo: few goals vs Barcelona.
    Editor of the clip: show how Ronaldo "revenge" . Lol you reaaaly like Ronaldo

  2. Đa phần các cầu thủ Argentina điều học mọi thói hư từ Maradona…..chỉ trừ lứa cầu thủ Batistuta ……thế hệ càng về sau càng mất đi dạo đức vốn có của bản thân mình….

  3. 2:20 ทำไมมึงไม่เอาตอนเตะในบ้านมาลงบ้างวะ ตอนที่มึงแพ้1-3แล้วตกรอบง่ะ หน้าเหมือนหมาหงอยเลยไอ้สัสดิมาเรีย

  4. I love how Neymar rolls every time he loses balance or get tackled. He gets touched in the foot and holds his knee like it's bending the wrong way, what a joke

  5. First clip: "This is going to be an awesome video about great goals that shut up the fans"

    Second clip: Never mind, just a terrible video glorifying dirty players

  6. サッカーに知能は関係ないんだよ。

  7. si tratas de probocar a la bestia de cr7 si lo retas saldras llorando jajajaja esos pendejos q le gritaban mesi salieron del estadio con el orto bien abierto sangrando y lleno de chele

  8. Че за хуйня??7 Роналду кричат МЕССИ СЕССИ а потом показывают как он забивает за зборную Португалий??? Автор ДОЛБОЕБ????

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