Hi there! It’s Gaby, a tennis head pro from
fitintennis.com. In this short video today, I’m going to give you an overview of our
semi-private tennis lessons that we do here on courts in Barcelona. In this type of training there is only two
tennis students and a coach. The special thing about the semi-private training
is that it allows you to interact with another player so the training is more engaging. It’s similar to the practice for a singles
match. When the other player is playing I can observe
their movements, and it gives me time to reflect on the concepts
that the coach has just presented. During each training sessions we work on many
things such as proper stances, footwork, how to construct a point, etc. Every single training
session leaves us with tips that we can apply later in a real match situation. You see that the coach has a lot of experience.
He helps me develop consistency, which I want to improve a lot. I have just recently returned
to playing tennis again so it’s something I really look forward to. Since I started semi-private training I think
I improved a lot of aspects of my game. For any player who wants to progress in tennis,
this training is essential. I think everyone can go to this course. You
can be a beginner, an intermediate player, a really good player… Whoever likes tennis
can play. I recommend this training a lot. In fact,
I will take more training sessions even this week! If you are in Barcelona and you want to join
us, just go to our website fitintennis.com or you can send us an email, and we’ll be
happy to see you on court. Hasta pronto!

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