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Chinese Philosophy of table tennis Equipment (Rubber + Blade)
Chinese philosophy of table tennis blade: The blade should be an extend of your hand. You must feel the ball from the blade. It shouldn’t be too hard, too stiff nor
too soft. Blade is where you make the ball spin. That’s
why Chinese player love Stiga blade! Because Stiga blade has: Good quality of wood. Clear vibration provides good feeling Western table tennis philosophy is different:
They prefer harder blade, carbon blade. They want to increase the speed of
the ball, however, the feeling, consistency, and confidence decrease. Chinese philosophy: Blade should give you
control, you should consider a blade as your hand, many feeling, soft, delicate, … you
can drop shot, play with the ball, or can strike very hard. It’s like a short hammer is more consistent
than a long one. The blade is an extension of your hand. So why the ball of Chinese players has much
power and speed? Their ball is very fast, spin and power than
the Western (European player) because there are 2 things:
– do you dare to hit harder and harder if the ball always goes outside the table? No ! It’s the confidence! If you use a good feeling, not too fast blade,
you have confidence ! Western player compensate the speed by the carbon blade ! But it’s a
wrong way! Use a slower blade, but increase the confidence
is the best way! “Chinese player using good feeling blade has
confidence”. because there are 2 things: and the secret
of Chinese National Team is hard, very hard rubber, tacky rubber, why? Chinese players like good control, slow blade,
and hard rubber. European players like hard, fast blade and
soft rubber. Because the philosophies are different. – For Chinese, blade is for feeling and spin,
rubber is for speed and power – For Western, blade is for speed, and rubber
is for spin. They use soft rubber to generate spin, and
fast blade to increase the speed. However, it’s wrong! In fact, the power and the spin come from
your technique. The blade is an extend of
your hand. The power comes from the ground (by rotation
of hip, legs), the spin comes from elbow, wrist, rotation of waist. That’s the Chinese philosophy. Remember my video about Zhang Jike; I’ve said
that “Power comes from the ground”. That’s why Zhang Jike’s legs are so powerful
! You are confused by many chinese rubber: Hurricane,
Skyline, Tinarc, H3, H2, TG3, TG2, H8, National, Provincial, Commercial,
Blue Sponge, Orange Sponge. – It’s not important! – Remember “Equiment is an adaptation to your
technique, technique first, and equipment after. Technique is 90% of your table tennis. 10% is the equipment.” – Change the equipment based on your technique. Don’t buy an equipment and learn
the technique ! If you are on the wrong way=Use a very fast
blade, and soft rubber to generate spin! Listen to me! – Feel the ball with the blade. Find a good blade. – Use a medium-hard rubber first
– If you are strong enough, and want faster ball, then use hard rubber That’s why Chinese players love Stiga blade
for good clear feeling. The power comes from the technique, and more
consistent. You train the physical strength and power
comes with. – Again, remember:
– Power from the ground – Spin from the hip This is the secret of Chinese table tennis. For the soft rubber, you can’t hit harder. it has a limit. If you hit harder, the ball will go outside
the table. It’s easy to topspin, but topspin with power
is not as comfortable. For medium/harder rubber, this limit is much
higher, your ball is spinner and faster! But you must use my philosophy “Power from
the ground, spin from the hip” EmRatThich Gaming CREDITS EmRatThich Gaming Channel
“Chinese philosophy about table tennis equipment”

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100 thoughts on “Secret of Table Tennis in China and Tacky Rubber”

  1. DHS rubbers like tinarc 3 and tinarc 5 are too hard and too slow (untuned) compared with the ESN normal rubbers (untuned too) The same thing with the DHS skyline 3-60 and the DHS Hurricane 3-50 for example but not in the Hurricane 8 because the Hurricane 8 hard version is faster and a good rubber !!! i don't know if the other DHS rubbers are faster or slower but i like the Hurricane 8 only (for the moment) I love medium and medium hard rubbers like tenergy 05 FX, tibhar Evolution EL-S and EL-P, Joola rhyzm tech, Adidas ten zone ultra soft etc…….. but not more than 45 degrees of hardness.

  2. I am looking for the blade which I can create the most spin ever over the ball. Currently I am playing with Joola wing fast and two dhs neo hurricane 3

  3. i would say that the speed comes as well from tuning, with 3-4 layers of tuner the DHS rubbers are as springy as ESN rubbers, maybe you can make a video for tuning

  4. i have a question,my coach told me there's no real difference between tmb ALC and tmb Spirit. so do think the same way or are there some differences between them.

  5. If you want a fast blade it's an Palio Tct Titanuim blade it you could find it. Palio might have went out of business.

  6. Em Rất Thích Gaming ơi!

    I watched n learned table tennis from the chinese players' video and then i played myself without any coach, i tried to play like u said (legs, hip, waist). when i first played table tennis i chose Axelo, then changed to Long III (with bh ten 60 fx, fh rasant tubor) but i felt lack of power, it made me more tired than my opponents. Now i 've changed to Ligna Andro (with fh: Rasant grip, bh: rasant beat). do u think i chose the right bat suitable to my attacking style?

  7. Hi, I noticed the Nittaku Acoustic blade in this video. What are you thoughts on this blade? I hear that it's kinda small but has the best 'feeling' amongst all of the blades

  8. I have used Chinese rubbers for more than 15yrs. The Chinese rubber is not an all blade rubber meaning you have to pair it with the right blade to make the best of it. Unlike Tenergy 05 and other Butterfly Series which can be use in almost any blades. Even though some Chinese players use butterfly blades majority use STiga and a few decades back Avalox blades.

  9. does european/japanese medium-hard rubber also work or just typical chinese tacky rubber? europe/japanese rubbers have more catapult while chinese rubbers need more power. can you recommend some? how about backhand?

  10. Hey, I'm from Europe and I am using a soft wood and medium-hard rubbers. I can generate a lot of spin on both Forehand and backhand but it lacks power. I try to hit the ball harder or to improve my technique but the results are minimal. Should I upgrade my rubbers to something faster or is it not always necessary to hit hard?

  11. I'm in a french school for learning table tennis at a high level and I've just subscribed to your Channel because I train hard every day but I Want to improve faster . I play with a tibhar IV L balsa blade (allround) ST and aurus soft 2,1mm forehand nimbus soft 2,1mm backhand they are both medium soft rubbers my coach choose my blade for me as he knows me very well. Do you think it's a good choice? I've been playing with that for 1 year now (buying same new rubbers every 3 months because I play every day) thank you for the answer emrathichgaming ^^

  12. Hello, I'm using Dhs pg7 blade, and two rakza 7, so i have to change my equipment, i like this blade, so is good to use the same blade or is better i change it?
    about the rubbers, i think about Hurricane (forehand) and tenergy (backhand) , so have many kinds of this rubbers, can you help me which these chose? Thank you.

  13. While I agree that most people buy blades that are too fast, I don't see any data anywhere to back up the claims made here. Chinese TT players win because of their training. If the blade and rubber made that much difference then why don't all the Chinese players use the same equipment? The paddle preference is basically a matter of whether you like it or not. That provides the confidence mentioned to play more aggressively but the player still needs to be good because control is NOT a feature of the blade or rubber but only the player.

  14. Most of the well known Chinese players use composite carbon blade (e.g Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Fang Bo, Yan An etc) Maybe young players prefer Stiga blades but this is not the case with the top Chinese players

  15. EmRatThich, I'm an intermediate level offensive player. I tried chinese rubber (h3 neo) after watching your videos and after using it for 6 months my topspins were more spinny but I missed the blocks and the small strokes of the european tensors and switched back to them. Now I´m generating less spin with the tensor and I'm thinking on buying a stiga blade as you say but I don't know which one to choose. I'm currently using an off- blade from andro but it doesn't have much feeling.Do you think its worth it to make the change to stiga? And which blade should I choose? Thank you very much, Alvaro from Argentina 🙂

  16. Hello, Before I watched your videos I bought a Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner blade with Xiom Vega Pro max on one side and Xiom Vega Euro 2.0 on the other side. I started 8 months ago and I have been playing or practicing with a ball machine every day for 8 months. My coach says I am now playing at about 1600 and that I have improved faster than he has ever seen. However, I am 58 years old and I am not sure if I am fit enough to commit to a complete power game for 6 matches in a day. I do like playing all aspects of table tennis so my nature is more all around but if someone starts to bully me I want to use the power game to neutralize them. My weakest area is close to the table due to slow preparation, anticipation and recognition of what the opponent has hit to me. My technique is fairly solid but only when I have prepared well. From what you are saying I have the wrong rubbers and possibly the wrong blade. This blade is supposed to be off- or off. Should I change this blade? Or should I put a Chinese medium hard rubber on this Nittaku blade (if so which do you suggest?) or what else might you suggest? I currently have a new sheet of Rakza 7 soft 2.0 , 2 Kokutaku Blutenkirsche 898, 2 Yinhe Mercury 2 2.0 and two sheets of DHS National Hurricane 3 Rubber for $30 each ( I know these are counterfeit but I bought them before I watched your videos).

  17. I was using DHS Hurricane 3 NEO & Butterfly Tenergy 64 with Butterfly Viscaria blade. I changed my FH rubber now from H3 NEO to Xiom Vega Pro. Once I wear out the Vega Pro I will go back to Tenergy 05.

  18. Hello Coach, you make great and very knowledgeable videos. Xiè xiè. I have a question. How would a suitable blade-rubber-combination for a child look like? My son (8) is currently playing with a good beginner racket. However, it might be a good idea to get him accustomed early to the Chinese forehand. The Chinese rubbers are normally very thick. Do Chinese kids play with thick forehand rubbers? What about backhand? I would give him my Allround Classic or the OSP Origo.

  19. Hi! So kindly tell us your SPECIFIC recommendations of a set up for a beginner. What will you give to someone who is just beginning to learn. As you mentioned in your other videos, you said that there are fake chinese rubbers? But are this fake rubbers good for learning the basics.

  20. Well, I am thinking of getting a PG-7 blade and pf4 rubbers on both sides. Is that a good set up for someone who is learning the proper strokes?

  21. Hi EmRatThich, I was wondering what are your top blades that will go well with Hurricane Neo 3 and Skyline TG3 Neo?
    I've been watching loads of your videos and I think you're doing a great job, by the way! keep it up 🙂

  22. hey coach firstly great videos. i m a huge fan and never miss any video.
    but i am surprised that u didn't mention one of the greatest chinese rubbers ever produced. the rubber with which wang liqin ruled TT for over 10 years. the DHS HURRICANE 2. extremely hard to control due to very low throw angle and sinking after the bounce but if u cud tame that rubber as LIQIN did then its probably one of the best chinese rubbers ever produced. i wonder why modern players pick H3 over H2. CAN YOU PLZ ANSWER THAT?

  23. The examples given in the video aren't always true to your explanation (although your points given are largely correct, especially for the older generation Chinese players). I think majority of CNT players today use blades that don't have much feeling (i.e. Viscaria, Boll ALC). Compared to blades like those from Donic, the feeling factor is a lot stronger than the ALC blades from Butterfly.

  24. What about for backhand? Should I also use chinese rubbers. I know CNT mostly use tenergy on the backhand. But if I am a beginner, then tenergy will be fast for me. Is that correct?

  25. Im an amateur player and I have a Intensity NCT Penhold from Stiga with a TENERGY 05 2.1 in my FH and a CALIBRA LT 2.0 in my BH, should I just change my blade? change rubbers or change both of them?

  26. I hv primorac carbon blade.I want to use use h3 neo on my fh.Can I apply falco booster or is it OK without it??# Emrat thick gaming

  27. A.m. Abacus abandoned abate abbey baby bachelor back backache backbone cab cabbage cabin cabinet cable

  28. Super useful video too: I used to play with my butterfly OFF+ blade and adidas p3/p5 rubbers, but I cant afford to pay better rubbers like tenergy 05… and found a used blade at our ebay (mercadolibre), a Stiga Allround Evolution with Bluefire M1 and Acuda S3. My game improved very much with this blade! the feeling of the ball is more noticeable and I have much more confidence! I can strike harder and I am thinking about buying a non tensor chinese rubber now… I use to strike very hard, would it be good for me?

  29. I am not sure if you are talking about previous generation of Chinese players and soft blades, but current top players use carbon blades except from FZD.

  30. I see you recommended yasaka rakza 7 rubber for forehand but doesn't that go against what you are saying about Chinese tacky rubber?

  31. Hi, I´m new in the ping pong game, I´ve bought a stiga pro carbon, I know that is not professional table and rubber ping pong paddle but I want to know what u think about stiga pro carbon, thanks

  32. Hi madter emratthich. love your videos. I see all players uses black chinese rubber but not red. what is the difference between the colours?

  33. I really relate to the Chinese game philosophy, but do you think a player which use Tensor European rubbers and Western style for many years can suddenly switch to Chinese style and switch to hard rubber?

    Do you think a Western player can make this transition after many years playing with Western equipment?

  34. Hello Emrathich… yours videos about Asian players and their techniques is really good…I'm using Dhs rubber(FH) and stiga blade since 7years…mastered that Asian technique..but I have a question…as table tennis geting update.. in future will it be close to table play?..like hitting off the bounce…

  35. SOS!! What is good BH rubber as per your set up?
    Butterfly Primomac 5plywood
    H8 forehand
    backhand ??
    Thanks for the feedback

  36. But Chinese players don't last long due to their philosophy. Their players face multiple injuries due to this and then their game suffers. It is like every 5 years are so top Chinese TT players get replaced by new Chinese players whereas European or players from other countries play till the age of 40+. What do you have to say about this?

  37. I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I hope someone can help me
    I am buying my first blade, and I was thinking for a yasaka sweden extra with DHS 3 hurricane on both sides (red/black).
    Is this right for a beginer/intermediate looping aggressive player? Thank you!

  38. why do you say the top chinese players use stiga and then show butterfly alc frame which is very fast and hard? and why do you say rubber is for power and speed when the chinese use very tacky rubber with wich you can generate a lot of spin?

  39. E thắc mắc, vậy tại sao các vdv TQ lại phải tuned mặt vợt của họ đến mức cong ngược trở lại, không lẽ như vậy ko làm cho miếng mút trở nên mềm ra sao ạ?

  40. Hi I'm from Russia, I am grateful for your lessons and I need advice. I want to put the carbon blade and soft lining. How do you like my setup the blade Stiga Allround Classic ALL, FH DHS HURRICANE 3 BH DHS SKYLINE 3-60 MEDIUM HARDNESS? play table 1 year

  41. Hey EmRatThich your vids have helped me get better at table tennis! I currently play with the Nittaku Flame Carbon blade, Hurricane 8 FH, and Andro Rasant BH. Should I switch to an OFF- blade or keep my setup? I'm trying to model a looping playing style similar to Ma Long's! Thanks!

  42. Please run for the President of the ITTA. Ur knowledge is incomparable and do you coach? Where is the videos of of games? Do you play anywhere?

  43. Full of shit! Most top Chinese players use carbon blades, and most of them use Tenergy rubbers on their backsides!

  44. Thank you for such a wonderful video. Can you suggest a good smooth rubber to chop with? I don't like to play with pips.

  45. Ur vidos have saved me from the western wrong way in a couple of months I will get ALC blade forehand hurricane h3 and backhand tensor rubber I haven't had any training yet but your videos have improved my table tennis like crazy 😜

  46. Is it Stiga per se or Stiga-"type" blades? If you look at the pile of rackets on the table, you'll see a Donic blade, a Butterfly Viscaria, and a DHS Hurricane Long of some sort. The last two are not all-wood blades, they're carbon-arylate blades and are fairly fast.

  47. Hi coach, what blade buy to learn technique ? I play sanwei M8 around 1 year and think maybe try 5ply wood with more speed.

  48. This is such a bull shit video. Did not expect this from coach.
    Tacky rubbers help with close to the table game, mostly becuase Chinese players r short and stepping back they would have hard time covering table. Tacky rubbers have more control on loops from close to table. Grippy rubbers need player to play mid distance to put same kind of look. Europeans r taller and hence they prefer mid distance play.
    Tacky rubbers also allow smaller players to put more spin with minimal arm movement, also keep ball low on short game.

  49. Hey EmRatThich, Chinese philosophy is the blade gives you spin? Can you loop the ball using what ever blade of your choice without rubber attach? 🙂

  50. Загаловок на руском а остальное на хуитском блять. Суки. А так хотел постушать

  51. After 3 years of using yours philosophy…im getting better…just using corbor reactor which is slower rubber , in my hand its speed is fast because of confidence in my stroke….my blade is stiga clipper cr….its time for changing to zlc…h3 neo on the forehand..tq coach

  52. Anyone can arrange me one DHS Catalogue? i never saw the DHS Catalogue. Please help me find a magazine or a Catalogue oficial from DHS

  53. Half of the best 12 players in China use an arylat carbon blade the others use a stiga fast carbon blade I haven't seen anyone playng with simple wood blades so your theory is totally wrong, many of the best chinese players used a Butterfly rubber on the backhand or a Tenergy like rubber

  54. I've currently experimenting with H2. And curl p1r as a modern def. I use to play with H2 speed glued it was great. I love the hard direct sponge although it don't play that good away from table, where my other rubber and blade (juic spin spiel) is much better away from table. I did try skyline 3 but not so impressed.. for sure the faster rubbers like tenergy are a handful in the right hands. But it's great to beat someone playing a cheaper rubber over a pricey one. Hense confirming that technique wins the day….😁

  55. I have found only some of your point of views are correct . Agreement is a good technique, Stay close to the table with fast reaction time. Hitting the ball off the bounce for a fast return. This is one of the winning style. This is a third ball attacker, blocker, and counter attacker style. Very very few people will be able to do this.
    As for the equipment, agreement with you, the blade and rubber are an extension of hand for feeling the ball.

    Therefore, blade should be a firm and hardness but not stiff as with some carbon OFF++. Because of the larger ball, blade needs some carbon in order to reduce the weight of the blade.
    For most player it is hard to increase blade head speed with a heavy blade. Finding the right weight setup to match the body and arm swing speed with the wrist snap is important.

    Many Chinese player are turning the 39 or 40 degree Chinese rubber for speed, control, and feeling. Turned rubbers speed will not last long, and must be turned again and again.
    Consistency of play will not be there from day to day. Water basis glue is the way to go with small loses of ball speed.
    My equipment and technique make the ball is going over too slow. Other players have too much time to attack the ball. I am handing over the attacking to the other side and forced into defense. Working on new path, serve to setup an 3th ball attack style with a firmer blade.

  56. You claimed that Chinese players don’t play with carbon blades, but
    Ma Long plays with inner layer ALC carbon on his Ma Long blade
    Xu Xin uses the Stiga Dynasty Carbon (Xu Xin edition)
    Fan Zhendong uses Viscaria but with a Infinity VPS handle (Viscaria uses ALC carbon)
    Zhang Jike uses Viscaria
    Lin Gaoyuan uses Viscaria as well
    Countless Chinese Women’s team members use Stiga carbonado.

  57. Nice video. Q1: What most tackier rubber compensate on characteristics
    of rubber ? Probably just spin goes up, speed down… Q2:For off- blade and
    medium rubber does it essential to have higher tacky rubber?

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