Radio: “And that’s gonna do it for the 2012 Auburn basketball season.” “9 and 23 the final record after losing 16 of their last 17 games.” “Dark days indeed on the plains of Auburn.” *intense rumbling* It worked. It worked! Ooo Listen. Listen to me! I’m from the future. I’m from the year 2019 ok? I just came here to say..don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about any of it. Seriously it doesn’t even matter because… In six short years, the Auburn basketball team is gonna be in the Final Four. And get this…it’s after beating Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky in consecutive games. *singing* “Chuma Okeke ta da da da da” *siren* So what exactly did he tell you? Yeah uh he just ran up and said he was from the future which.. ..ok yeah that’s plausible but.. Then he just started saying the craziest stuff. And that North Carolina game? We didn’t just win it. We won it by 17! *laugh* It’s far worse than I feared. You can’t fake crazy like that.

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Dennis Veasley

97 thoughts on “SEC Shorts – How far has Auburn basketball come? Just time travel to 2013”

  1. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Alabama lost in the first round of the NIT. That is all. Enjoy

  2. Pfffffft! That guy is obviously crazy! Next they are gonna be telling me that Georgia got the number 1 player in America in their recruiting class….

  3. Can you imagine if they win it? I'm usually all about hating Auburn, but dammit… for one weekend only…. WDE!

  4. 99% of the time I hate Auburn but I got goose bumps when they started chanting S-E-C when the clock was winding down during the unc game

  5. from a bama fan man auburn done broke everyones brackets….and everyones hearts…they beat two blue bloods ect ect and buddy lemme say this…from a bama fan even thou i hate auburn………….Go win it all💯™💪

  6. Gators fans have reason to be bitter that Auburn, the team that got to maul Andrew Nembhard at the final buzzer without a foul being called that could have led to overtime, could have led to a UF win and advancement to the SEC championship game against a completely energy-depleted Tennessee squad…but when you beat 3 of the 4 traditional blue bloods of the sport in a row what can I say? They proved they can win without being hot from 3 as well against Kentucky. They seem destined to win it.

  7. The closest game on their run was not against UNC, Kansas, or Kentucky. It was against New Mexico State

  8. Was waiting for the next transporter from 2023 to pop out all sad, because everything has been stripped away and the program was on probation for massive cheating.

  9. LSU Tiger checking in here. This is GREAT! Good luck, all you Barners! Win it all. And if you can pull it off, I'll make sure to share some of my corndogs with y'all come football season.
    (I can't believe I'm saying this, but "WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!")

  10. Auburn and Tennessee are becoming basketball schools!! What a great time to be an Alabama Fan. Roll Tide Roll! Dose Alabama have a basketball team?……lol who cares lol Tua! Tua! Tua! Tua!

  11. Tennessee fan here, War Eagle the rest of the way! I've got money on yall with those +700 odds. Bruce Pearl will always be my homeboy. If Tennessee can't win it, I want him to.

  12. I wish they would do another tasty tigers beat bama burger skit. Still try to buy one demanding it and they get the cops called on them for disturbing the peace and dreaming to big lol

  13. The Barn went out and got a “Pearl” at Bama we got some DAMM “Oats” #Footballschool #wedontcareaboutbasketball

  14. On behalf of all Duke fans, I would like to congratulate the Auburn Tigers for destroying UNC. Yes, Duke did end up losing to Michigan State and was knocked out of the tournament, but what we DIDN'T do is lose to a first time Final Four team by 17 points. As a Gators fan, this hurts, but as a Duke fan, too? This is amazing fodder for smack talk you have given us!

  15. I’m a Texas A&M student and still approve this! Gig Em Aggies and War damn Eagle! Where you at bama?

  16. Im a gamecock fan, even UNC was pulling for us two years ago against Gonzaga in the final four and would assume everyone else was also. I’ll be supporting Auburn.

  17. 😂😂 tony barbee was the all time shittiest coach in the history of sports, he took the Tigers to the absolute bottom of the barrel

  18. I'm a Bama fan, as in I am of the too much Bama in me variety, and I am here to say…let's go Auburn….go get it done

  19. I'm a Bama fan but I'll say it: I'm impressed and happy for the Tigers, eagles or whatever it is you guys are today.

  20. That’s hilarious, but I think it would be more unbelievable if it were Clemson basketball. Hahahaha! But we don’t care about that!

  21. LOL this video jynxed Auburn harder than a commentator saying "he hasn't missed a FG all season".

    Seriously though, great season by Auburn!

  22. I honestly didn’t see Auburn being a basketball powerhouse this year. Still Auburn will always be a football school. Along with every other SEC school. Except Kentucky which will always be a basketball school eventhough they are starting to see football as a sport ever since Stoops came. By the way go gators


  24. I'm a blue mist (KY). I'm so proud of the TIGERS!!! The Zebras cost you guys the BIG TROPHY!!! You guys were awesome and good things are coming your way! Great season!!! God bless you all

  25. I wish there was something above a like that could only be given out to those rare videos… This is one of them. Well done

  26. To think… I was in Vegas the week of the SEC Tournament and joked about how I should put $20 on Auburn winning the tournament just for kicks and giggles…

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