[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s been exciting, but
it’s been very long waiting to get to the time
they were about to hit. We started with Boston College. It was a fabulous match. And we were toe to toe with
them, had a lot of confidence. I saw a lot of good
out of the guys there. But then there’s this big
gap to keep that excitement, that momentum all the
way to now spring break when we officially start. We try to get a couple
other matches in. They fell a little bit
short, so we have this gap. And now we’re ready to
tear into our season. So far it has been great. The fall season is really good. The other couple matches– we had the ITAs, which
was really good for us. We beat individual records
and school records. So it has been great. The new freshman incoming
are really nice people. We’re interacting very well. In terms of atmosphere,
it’s perfect right now. We’re all on the same page. So it’s been great so far. I feel like since we all
came together in August, we’ve never had such much
talent on the team before. And I feel like
with that talent, we can build up to
improve ourselves by practicing hard,
competing against each other to make ourselves better. And I feel like
every practice we come here together,
we talk about it, how we can improve ourselves. These are three guys that
are in our fourth year, really, really pushing
every practice. I mean, I do see something
different about them this year. So I know they’re motivated. They’re leading the young
guys that we brought on we’re excited about. And they’re already joining in
with the magic, the work ethic, and everything else. So I think that
this year, our goals are the most aggressive
we’ve ever had. And I’m feeling very
confident about what we can achieve this year. I mean, it’s all about
setting higher goals. So every year, we’ve
been setting our goals. We’ve been reaching another
round, another round further in the NCAAs. This year, our goal is
to go to the nationals. And I think that’s how
we motivate each other, just trying to push
everyone to come through and to be able to reach
the nationals, which is our ultimate goal this year. This year, we got
three new guys. And we prepare them by
feeling comfortable talking to us on how they
feel and they think they’ll fit well in the team. At the same time, I feel
the competition in the NE10 is getting better
and better as well. So we have to find our ways
to improve ourselves and make ourselves ready. All the NE10 teams in the
region have gotten better. So everyone has met the
players throughout the lineup. So it’s making sure
we keep working hard, our mentalities are
there, and making sure everyone’s
ready for every match to be tough because we’re going
to have a mark on our backs. We’ve brought in
some great talent. Matter of fact, this is the
deepest team I have ever had. Every match, there’s a very
quality player that’s probably not in the singles lineup. We’ve assembled the talent. Now my job is to
make sure that– we know people are gunning for us. We never ever, ever
let our guard down. Having the three upperclassmen,
me and the twins, as the mentors of the team, we
know how to win championships. We know what it
takes to take there. So I mean, that’s what we’ve
been– just mentoring them, making sure that we’re
all on the same page so we can reach the final goal
and hopefully win another NE10. Starting with two
nationally-ranked teams, then two regionally-ranked
teams into the NE10 schedule, hopefully being blessed
to go to the NCAAs, and go right back to the
nationally-ranked teams again. So I think we’re going to get a
little taste of it right away. This will show us
exactly what we need to do to be at that level. We will see the competition
that we need to rise up to. We know we want to
be tops in the east. So we’re going to be fighting
very hard once we come back to establish that position. And our goals at the
NE10 will never change. It didn’t last year. It won’t this year. That, by far, is the most
exciting accomplishment that we look to establish with
this team year in, year out.

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Dennis Veasley

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