What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be taking over my university Hanken School of Economics A very international business school in Finland This will be fun! Thanks! That was an interesting serve! Hanken is a triple accredited business school. That means it has earned all three big quality international labels Here is a target shot for each one of them! Triple Crown! Second one in a row Around the plants Hit the cup Let’s go! Hanken offers a two years master’s
program in English You can study: marketing, finance, economics, management,
accounting and commercial law. It was a nice sound! Now let’s check out the classrooms! This is classroom table tennis! Let’s make Miikka run! Watch this! Nice trick shot, Otto! C’mon! And this is the Hanken Business Lab A place for start-ups and entrepreneurs. That’s how you do it! Huge thanks to Hanken for sponsoring this video We had a lot of fun filming here! Finland is a great place to study:
it’s a safe country with a lot of friendly people If you are interested in studying at Hanken Make sure to check out the link in the description to find more information about the school! Until next time!

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Dennis Veasley

19 thoughts on “School Trick Shots”

  1. This was AWESOME! Almost everything we did in the video is something that we had never been able to try out before. Big thanks to Hanken! 🙌

    If you are interested in an international master's degree programme in business, apply to Hanken School of Economics two-year programme here: https://www.hanken.fi/masters

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