OK, so this is the big news. So the last time
you were here, we found out that you have a
huge crush on Roger Federer. And so we gave you a cardboard
cutout to put in your office. Where do you keep
that, by the way? Well, you sent it
to me FedEx, which I don’t know how that happened,
because it’s life sized. It’s like 6’2″. So we have a house upstate. And we have a bar
in the basement. We call it the bomb shelter. And Roger is the bartender. Oh. But it’s really funny,
because he’s in the basement. So it’s kind of dark. And people visit,
and they’re like, ah! It’s kind of creepy. It is kind of creepy. And he’s shirtless. Yeah. And actually, Jenna
Bush came over and had a couple of too many. And she broke Roger’s arm. Oh no! Yeah, but we taped
him back together. Because I can give
you another one. No, no. We have– [LAUGHTER] We have a lot of them. So since then, you’ve met him? You’ve played with him? Yes, I did. I mean, it’s crazy. Well, first of all, the
fact that you talked about my obsession
with Roger really put it into the mainstream. And so it got back to Roger. And so his people
called me and said, would you like to play in this
celebrity tennis tournament with him, which of course– I hadn’t even met him– which course, I was like, yes. One thing, I’m not
very good at tennis. And I was hoping his agent would
be like, oh, that’s all right. It’s for charity. You don’t need to be good. He was like, oh, well,
my colleague will be in. He can scout you on Monday. I had go play tennis. Like, I had to audition. Oh, wow. Yeah, and I hadn’t
played since tennis camp. But I guess, whatever, I
made it and decided to do it. And then I was really bad at it. Well, I mean, anyone’s going
to be bad– where are you? Well, that’s me in the skirt. OK. And that’s Bill Gates. OK. Yeah, and I kept– I kept missing the ball. And they were miked. And Roger’s like, Savannah– Oh, oh. [LAUGHTER] Wow. He goes, stop looking at me,
and start looking at the ball. It was totally humiliating. But who was this scout that
got you through, though? I know, exactly. He needs to be fired. And Bill Gates was
playing with Roger? Yes, and Bill is very–
a good tennis player– Was he good? –and also extremely
competitive, and had actually watched
some of my game tapes. Like, I posted a few practice
sessions on Instagram. And then it turned out
Bill had seen them. And then he wanted to play
together before the match. And I’m like, hey, guys,
spoiler alert, I’m terrible. Yeah. Well, I know. We see that. [LAUGHTER] You’re horrible. Yeah, but I got to meet Roger. Yes. So it was crazy. I saw him. And he was just– I was only– I had been
in makeup for, like, just eight or nine hours. That’s all? And then he was really nice. He was like, oh, I
feel like I know you. Oh, that’s so sweet. So he lived up to
your expectations? Yes, and exceeded them. I would like him
to be on the show. So if this will get
back to you, Roger I would like you to
be on the show. And I could be there,
too, if you want– I’d just introduce you. [LAUGHTER] ‘Cause now, we’re like– I kind of know him now. Well, yeah, sure. Yeah. OK, then you should
be here for sure. OK, good. All right. All right, so let’s talk
about the Today Show. You and Hoda seem to be really– the chemistry is great. You’re having a good time. We’re having the best time. I mean, we– yeah,
we just click. And it’s just– it
was so unexpected and obviously was a hard
situation when it first happened. And we’re so happy
to have each other. And I always say, I’m like,
we don’t need sunshine. We have Hoda. And she is the best partner. And I just love
working with her. And everyone loves Hoda, right? I mean, I’m surprised
there wasn’t– [CHEERING] Hoda’s like– the
thing about Hoda is, everyone normal,
all of us, we love Hoda. Celebrities love Hoda. Like, her phone– she has
everyone’s text message. Like, I’m like, what are you–
is that Kelly Clarkson texting you right now? She has everybody’s My mom’s
like, I have book club tonight. And her text is, like,
from Sandra Bullock. It’s amazing. Wow. Well, maybe she
asks the publicist for the number or something. No. You should start
asking for– no? I think that the people
are like, god, Hoda, you’re so great. Like, you probably
text with Hoda. I don’t. Well, you should. I don’t. Maybe she hasn’t asked
me for my number. I would text with her. I feel like celebrities like
her so much, they’re like, here are my digits. Oh, wow. But that never happens to me. Well, it will soon. You just hang in there. It will. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh, [BLEEP]! God, [BLEEP].

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26 thoughts on “Savannah Guthrie Played Tennis with Her Crush Roger Federer”

  1. Wow Stephanie really follows the show. I've often wondered if her audience was there for Ellen or just the chance to get free stuff.

  2. I would love to meet Federer. Ever since I started playing tennis my freshman year I have idolized him. My tennis style is a copy of his, my dream is to go pro like Federer did. Meeting him would be a dream come true.

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