hey Tina yeah so today I’m going to be doing an outfit Hall of a really really cool site that i recently found online i really love like why fashion and while you kind of stuff I lot of things from japan so i really like that kind of style searching for Kawhi sites online I found this really cool site called song on wednesday i’m actually not entirely sure i am saying their name right not sure it’s like some parents force and reds or sentence day but they’re really really cool site and they sell some really cool clothes so when I found them there’s so much that I wanted on your site so i just ordered a bunch of stuff i took a while to get here because it does all come from Asia so I didn’t think it would actually come even it’s like soon as it did though like I found that the other day it actually got here like the day before Christmas and I was like hey this is so excited i have my clothes so I wanted to make like a whole kind of video and show you guys what I got and just try to one for you guys and if any of you guys are interested in buying any of the items that i show you in this video then down there below i’m going to link to sound run say your subjects are even saying this is wrong I do go but yeah like them down there below and they still a lot of other cool stuff on their site keeps oh yeah so the first thing that I wanted to show you guys is actually the outfit that i have on right now listed as a box online but it’s kinda like a sweater well kind of thing I guess I don’t know and he’s covering a lot of different colors i got it in this really pretty pink shape i thought it was a really cute color pretty free material they’re actually super super soft and pretty warm to you which I like about that since I get called a lot i’m also wearing a skirt that is actually also from this site i think this was a very very cute skirt so the boat was actually a pin on BOS so you can really put it wherever you want you could put in the back if you prefer to have it back of the skirt is yeah has this design on it throughout it or if you want to you can do it i did and just kind of put in the front because i thought it looks good there so that’s where I put it so the next skirt is a blue skirt it’s just kind of like the pleated skirt and I said is super cute gets this little button right here so yeah and there’s the zipper on the side basically everything on this site was mostly like science super easily slip from what I or did I think this is another one that I got thought it was really cute it’s just a black skirt and then it’s kind of like a layered skirt i guess you could say because that over it has this kind of like additional layer that’s black and it’s kind of like a queer kind of like sheer black and yeah so that’s the skirt actually posted a picture on Twitter on this yesterday I think it’s super super cute so this is basically a jacket like the reason that i love this so much is that it has these adorable bunny ears huh yeah I thought that was so cute like I’d especially like lots of fun years so yeah that was super super adorable these are little like paw prints gloves all fingers which is perfect is that way when i’m using my phone I still can use it because megan’s fingerless the red jacket it’s really good for like in the winter when you’re cold or things like that yes that’s that’s jacket and yes you can see it’s just kinda like a boy or a jacket so just kind of like pops out there and yeah this is they are like a white stock with these little like black stripes going on the top throughout them so yeah I don’t think is very awesome pair of socks i put this skirt back on because i realized i forgot to show you guys the actual talk that goes with it because it comes to the top that is also really really similar to the enemy school profit so I have the only thing that’s like different with it it’s like a bit of a longer top right there so yeah and also on the top it has this little like fabric piece instead of just kinda like a solid color it has this really cute like pattern like flowers on it no that so I got another pair of over-the-knee soft and this is another gurney socks that really think these are appreciated because they also have a little bows on them you can just kind of tie I’m not your fight addict in the right place like on this one huh I was kind of having some trouble like figuring out where the little string thing goes and do I feel like I’ve never had so much this pair i know that i do have a higher rate than the other ones i may have like tie the bow on the wrong side cuz uh huh yeah on these bows you kinda like strengthened through these little holes you kind of need to go like inaudible up but yeah I think beer is so cute with the ribbon and i really like this color is just kind of like a red pen maroon the next sure it’s been super super cute capture and this is really awesome and super adorable is just a really cute shirt on it with cat right here if it was really cool lucky that it was a really cute shirt so yeah that is my cat shirt and then also I got he is which they’ve actually look like a pair of nice officer over knee socks but these are actually not so that means they’re actually airtight and these are so cute and I gotta get this because part of me which you probably do because that’s good about around but I love you so much I know he’s like the most common no pokemon but he’s my favorite because he’s just so adorable and I can help it and so much in the past that have a lot of these that were like cat kinda tight little cat features and b is the heads are actually get you have so cute and they were like all is like in the back it’s actually because you tails too so yeah the back light nail this just kind of black sure it’s long sweet and cool but in the back is actually like open this is another skirt that i got from there and it’s a sucky skirt it goes to go this year actually the end I don’t know they’re both black that’s kind of on the bottom it’s kind of more like this grayish color but it was really really cool because it’s kind of like a layered type of skirt and it was super cute because the boo right there on the side so yeah this is another sweater that i got from this site it’s a really cute but it’s like a shortage water that has this cool like wearing style so I like that about it it just kind of has it like that sweater yes the next thing is this dress i love this pink dress is really really cute it’s just kind of like this cool kind of like here material you’re at it then basically what you do with it is on the side it just kind of came with this little thai I don’t think I really did like the best job tiny right now so it looks kind of in some sections and that’s probably why so sorry about that but yeah you kind of time and then makes it really good and yep let’s discuss this is a white shirt that i got from this site I just like this quite sure a lot i thought it was a really really cool shirt so this shirt has a collar on the top as you can see the kind of here it just gonna have all these slides and then yeah that’s a shirt and also came with this black little ribbon thing I’m obviously not sure exactly it’s just how it’s supposed to be warned i’m probably actually going to check the picture in the website from when i boarded it and see if I am wearing your right cuz i’m not really sure if you are supposed to wear it like the way i have on right now I don’t use that I in the boat is kinda like tight like that kind of wondering just where it is like around your waist highly don’t know but yeah I like this shirts a lot it was really cool white shirts so yeah next item I thought was really really adorable it’s super super soft like the material is really really nice very worn which is awesome get these cute little balls on right here and something always so this right here this key that was really lucky up this thing also has a hood kind of like kind of buddy one has a good latest 1i think it was kinda like dinosaur monster a creature and on the back to it doesn’t just have these years but also have a tail that and I love that about this think it’s so cute the next thing that I wanted to show you guys is this white dress that this is a really great dress it’s kinda like us that you button up right here then on the collar it has all these pretty jewels so that’s they’re also this boat actually is on the u.s. actually come separately i think it came with the just but actually it’s kind of like put that on with it and then it makes it look a lot better it definitely makes it like it better and all of that so yes just like a white dress with a black bow the next thing is this kind of bluish green little shirt kind of thing and yet i said this is super super cute pretty loose and it’s kind of like that and its really soft like that’s something that I really like about this website is everything is just super soft and cute it has all these little flowers on it throughout it so yeah that’s the shirt also i have another pink jacket to show you guys it is like super super soft it’s like this nice very super super sauce material coolest thing about this it has ears so yay these are super super cute i’m not sure this will stimulate carriers ears or what exactly but basically anything with animal ears i almost always loved it so yeah I love that about this that had these years and it also just has these little pink strings here huh i’m guessing these are just kinda tie it or something leah has invited us to you but i guess if you also want to try it then I don’t know but yeah these are here this is another white dress that i got from this site I just thought this was a really cute white dress is just kind of a white dress with some players i guess you want to go back I don’t really know exactly what you call it when it’s like a layered dress but that’s just what I’m gonna call back to get the voters little bit and then yeah this is just a white dress that was really cute when I thought his pink skirt on the site and it was super super cute i really want to get it really like these tennis skirts and dresses and things like that really kind of just like a little bit so that right there is a bow and I’m not really sure honestly this bow is supposed to go in the friends through the back it doesn’t really have like a tag on it like a lot of clothes have so you kind of know what site goes on i really think it really can go on forever you want to go i just kinda liked it with the better than friends so that’s why I’m wearing it with the go in the front right now this is another fear of heights i got this is just basically a black parasites but they’re super super cute because they have these little bows on them with a little jewel right there huh and then on the top they kind of turned a bit more here this is another pair of socks but I thought and these are black pink stripes sauce i think the Beast goes super super well with this skirt or however the longest stuff that i ordered I just like the combination of black and pink I feel like those two colors look really good together so yeah I really like this awful lot huh so I really garters even though i don’t have too many of always something really cool so when I saw this I was like oh this is the google that I’ve ever seen president heart ear which I thought was super cute and then all throughout it it is super super studded i love studs I think studs are awesome so yeah that’s my garter this one might be kind of a weird thing to somebody you guys but for some reason for a really really long time i have wanted an umbrella not really for probably the reason that most people for umbrella like you know stay dry in the rain but more like a fashion kind of umbrella just because you’re just a couple looking cool pretty much so yeah I ordered an umbrella it actually even came with a little umbrella case it’s really pretty even if it wasn’t raining I think I think it’s kind of just like a cool fashion kind of memorize the purple umbrella and the inside is really really awesome it’s actually kind of like a galaxy umbrella not really like the galaxy that everyone is obsessed with I like galaxy to that you like the galaxy stuff that’s cool but it’s kinda like a bunch of stars and it’s like a nice guy there’s a moon there’s just a bunch of stars throughout the inside so yeah I thought it was a really really cool umbrella next thing is this box skirt here this is actually technically scored because it has shorts well this but yep this is just a cute black skirt the next thing is really really cute you probably can’t tell yet but it is a yellow pretty but it’s not just yellow City ya up so it’s Pikachu yet it has to get two years and all of that on the sides here it actually has to what I think our pot I know that Pikachu doesn’t have cause I think it’s just kind of supposed to make the jacket look even hear that already is so yeah those are paws on it and this is my cutie by the way guys this is really random but I realized that also in this package and just like just kind of realize this i can discuss with the umbrella because it was in with this and the umbrella and there’s in that package don’t really know exactly you get it on already really goes to but it is this little cute fair right there is barely like these speeds and believe so yeah that just not for you guys besides clothes from the scientist a lot of stuff on the side of got two years shoes from this site and this is the first pair that i got its a blackberry appeals they’re basically just like your heels and then they have no right there and those a lot so you’re really pretty and then this is the second pair of shoes that I thought seas are a purple kind of lavender color their kind of the other ones they have a bit of a thicker heel and then also there’s also the goes on that so those are all the items that i wanted to show you guys today if you guys like anything that i showed you or if you enjoyed this video it off make sure you give this video a thumbs up so I know you liked it also subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to know when i post videos because firstly videos law you want to click on the bell icon and you’ll actually be notified whenever I post videos so you can watch my videos whenever I post new ones thank you guys for watching and i love you guys so much i see you guys in my next video all right guys

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  1. Let me guess why u bought this stuff….cuz its super super cute? And how the fuck do u not know how to open an umbrella?! Also its not kind of a shirt. It is a shirt. And yes u r right ur dress has layers…jeez 24 with the mind of a 5 year older. U would embarrass urself if u were ever on dumber than a 5th grader

  2. U pan on ur garter but not ur shoes…obviously bc panning on ur shoes wont show how skinny u r like zooming in on ur thighs

  3. Stop saying that kind of stuff, she is trying make people happy, i really enjoy her videos and her clothes, she is adorable and one of my fav youtubers. Stop saying that kind of coments PLZ. 😌😌 You're not better than her, she's a great person with a great personality.
    So ppl plz stop saying that kind of stuff, she's happy and it's the only thing it mathers πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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