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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “Sam Stosur’s Wicked Kick Serve”

  1. I've tried this serve and been practicing it, really cool once you get it. Did it during a match and it got me the point. My opponent even noted the serve later on.

  2. @dfceltics20 LOL I can guarantee you, there is NO pro tennis player who uses a CONTINENTAL grip when hitting a kick serve… you CANNOT kick with continental… honestly, it's even hard hitting a flat serve with continental, let alone a kick serve

  3. David Ferrer is only like 5'9" he serves about 128… so your first statement is false, and it is very possible to serve a flat serve with a continental.

  4. Take a look at Goran Ivanisevic. Do you really think he had a continental grip when serving? Think about it. And he obviously didn't always hit kick or slice serves ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another example is Boris Becker. He had a forehand grip when serving! And he was still able to hit kick serves.

  5. Stosur makes it look so easy to hit a kick serve. I've never learned how to hit one effectively. My school tennis coach tried to teach me but I never got it down

  6. It's an awesome kick serve, just don't copy her head position at contact point. She doesn't look at the ball for moment of contact!

  7. no toss is ever behind you that's a recipe for serious injury in front to the left and with extreme flexibility arching you just might be able to master it if you use a racquetball racquet it's much easier to teach much easier on the shoulder.

  8. I used to use her strategy because my kick serve and forehand are decent, but I got new strings, and I've kinda had to relearn and get a feel for them

  9. Yeah, Sam's serve is pretty unique – how she holds her racquet with a backhand grip and how she lifts it pretty much straight up with an open face. Most players take the racquet backswing palm down and then swap the leading edge as it drops. With Sams open face style the leading edge doesn't change. Try this style – it feels pretty natural, and not as messy as most other serve styles. It also leads easily from a flat to a kick serve. Sam also throws the ball way to the left, over her head, and arches backwards. But it's her grip and her straight up backswing that is really unique.

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