Here I have got the Salomon XA Pro 3D men’s
shoe. This is an all around adventure shoe, so I can see this as being for fast and light
backpacking or hiking, also used for trail running on rugged terrain. With this shoe there is an excellent balance
of support and comfort. So if we start… Salomon has built this shoe on their solid
3D chassis. So you can see it here in the heel, but it runs throughout the shoe. You
have extra cushioning with the EVA foam that runs through the mid sole there and that just
offers extra cushioning and extra comfort. You do have a removable ortho light foot bed,
which gives additional comfort and cushioning and is easy to take out if you need to replace
it with your own foot bed or orthotics. So definitely a great option, lots of comfort
in there. The mostly mesh upper is rally breathable.
So should it become wet, it will dry out a lot faster compared to a waterproof shoe if
the inside of the shoe becomes wet. And we can see these overlays which give some extra
durability and as you cinch down the laces this really cushions and, you know, tightens
down on your foot. As well, on the inside of the shoe the tongue is Salomon’s endo-fit.
So there is actually a piece that fits over top of your foot on the inside and it gives
excellent stability. So once you cinch down these laces that endo-fit piece is rally going
to be comfortable. It cuts down on hot spots and really cinches down nice on your feet. We go to the bottom of the shoe. This is Salomon’s
contra-grip outsole which means that it is very durable and very aggressive on the trail.
These lugs give you extra traction on trails and on uneven terrain and just a lot of traction
throughout there. If we look at the platform, this does have
a 21 millimeter heel height and an 11 millimeter four foot height. So you do have a 10 millimeter
drop which is pretty typical with trail shoes in this category. It has got a pretty protective toe cap along
with the mud guard behind it. So if you do get into muddy conditions or wet conditions,
it is going to protect you a little bit better, you know, before water and mud begins to seep
into the shoe. Some other features: you do have asymmetrical
lacing which is going to cut down on your feet falling asleep. You do have the lace
pocket right here so once you cinch that down you can tuck this piece and the rest of the
lace into that pocket. All in all, with a combination of support,
durability, comfort and protection with these shoes, it is an all around adventure shoe.
It is the Salomon XA Pro.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Salomon XA Pro 3D”

  1. Really wanted to like these shoes. But…
    -heavy. Do not feel like a running shoe should.
    -blisters. My big and little first time I ran. My toes were so hot after my run.
    -hardly any cushion in toe area. Killed my feet on downhill running.
    -heel area ok for cushion. But not enough for running pavement or cement.
    -made strong should last a long time.
    -good grip
    -sole is more for hiking.
    -ankle area held my foot well. No hot spots.
    -not sure if feet were over heating. But weren’t sweaty. Couldn’t really tell as these shoes rubbed my toes to death.

    These are hiking shoes. Which thankfully I needed. Not sure I will ever run in them again. I would not recommend.

  2. Got mine (black/black or at least very dark and none of that "look at me I am mr neon" nonsense) for about $70 so could not refuse, I love them except for a little bit of pain at the foots widest part if I stand on my unicycle long enough. Otherwise these are the perfect unicycle shoes, what a grip on the pedal and no bumps effect me. Take that Nike, air man, bubble trouble plastic fantastic whatever that still is torn apart after a few months. Maybe I was just lucky don't know but normally I wear out or destroy shoes very fast but not these, whatever the reason may be, directly related or not? Sweet looking, not too much focus on a brand name in black and laces just amazing. Always use Boa lace at work and this is close enough, simple and just work.

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