There are many ways the Saint Paul &
Minnesota Foundations help to grow more good across Minnesota. Here’s one of those stories. My name is Song Thao. I am the executive director for Saint Paul Urban Tennis. In our programs we really do four things really well: Education, tennis, employment and service. And those four areas are what I call the
four pillars of our organization. Each of those areas, there’s different types of programming. So tennis, we have our six-week tennis programming, which is you’ll see in the background right here. In our employment program, we have coaching. We have kids that work with us at Eastview Rec Center. They come and they work with us year-round. They learn the ins and outs of the nonprofit world, and we connect them to mentors. Education, we have our reading program, Academic Creative Engagement, which is called ACE, and that program combines math, literacy
lessons that are tied to state standards. Our service program, Warrior Leadership Academy, we serve over 65 kids throughout the winter months for six months and we provide intensive tennis programming, indoor training for them. We do a variety of workshops, college visits, four-year visits, resume building. These four pillars are our leadership pathways, an opportunity for kids to come through our program, and then when they leave, we hope that they leave it as leaders. That’s just one of many organizations and programs we support, but they all have one thing in common – growing more good. Get to know us at

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