Whatsup, I’m Safaree,
the one and only I’m Shaneequwa, I’m his
youngest, more fabulous sister I’ve never done a lie
detector test but I assume this is gonna be
a walk in the park I’m not nervous at all
because this is what I do …Yeah lie You know what I’m sayin’ Hey please, keep the
hating to a minimum. She can ask me anything
cause at the end of the day, I’m gonna lie for
every single question she asks me so shoot your
shots young buck. Feel like I’m
getting’ electrocuted If he lies can
you zap him? Mmm, feel good,
ready to lie… I mean I’m ready to… Mmmhmm See this is already makin’ my
heart rate go up for no reason. Is my heart beating fast? I feel like it’s pumpin’ Do I have to sit up? Can I like sit back? You can slouch
a little bit. This guy loose,
is that okay? You’re okay I said I wasn’t gonna be
nervous and this is a walk in the park. I feel nervous. Safaree, have you
ever wore a fake fur? Nah I really don’t think
I’ve ever worn a fake fur. The amount of money I paid
for them, I hope they ain’t fake. Absolutely not. Sorry PETA He’s telling the truth [Speaking Patwa] That’s why I’m
the fur God! Out there in these fake
furs man…it’s real… Alright, do you think
I’m a good sister? Yes. I’ve stolen from you
for…I mean you’ve helped me out a lot
over the years. You’re a great sister Aww Muffin And he’s telling the truth Did you leak
your own nude? No Answer that cause the
world need to know that, cause nobody believes me. He’s telling the
truth, he did not. Yeah! I told ya’ll Ya’ll tellin me I leaked
my nudes and all of that. Yo listen I hope
the world sees this. I did not leak nothing. I don’t want ya’ll
seein’ my stuff. [Laughing] Do you send nudes still? [Laughing] No, absolutely not. He’s telling the truth Yo, c’mon boy. Stunt man stunt gang
for a reason out here. Play with me… This is very important. Would you trade all your
money and belongings, especially your jewelry,
to pay for my ransom? Yeah Caked up, I’ll bite over. Even that AP? This my second one
this week…thieves. He’s tellin’ the truth Aww, you do care. Do you regret your past
lifestyles before being robbed? No. Because being robbed
can happen to anybody. The only thing I regret is
not having security follow my home that night,
but now they do. Shout out Carl. And he’s telling
the truth again. Carl, stay strapped. Ready? Yup let’s go. Shaneequwa do you think I
make good choices with the people I date? No. He makes horrible choices [Laughing] Please You were telling the
truth on that question. Have you been attracted
to any of my friends? Listen man, over
the years or like… Answer the question broad. But I dated one…Hmm… Attracted? I’ll say no. You are not
telling the truth. [Gasp] [Speaking Patwa] But I said yes… [Laughing] She used to date
on of my friends. Listen… Do you think I have
a big forehead? [Laughing] Yes That was a
significant truth. Wow Do you think I give
you enough money? [Laughing] No. She’s tellin’ the truth. Hey, you wanna know
what’s so crazy? Saturday, this broad over
here just got a brand new 2018 Range Rover. Wow really? Cut! No thanks to you. A lot of thanks to… Me! …The stunt man And my good credit. I’m just waiting for you
to get re-strapped, that’s it. Well he’s not and you’re
actually both completed. [Laughing] I feel prolific. I feel ecstatic. I feel on top
of the world. Like for most of my life
my sister has always called me a liar And guess what
today proved? She’d been the
liar all along. [Laughing] Ladies, I’m a good man. When you get me, you’re
getting a truthful honest man. Remember that. No. He got lucky today, he
is a pathological liar. See that’s what
she calls me. She hasn’t
called me that… Cause it’s the truth! No I’m a pathological
truther. I’ve been saying all along
that I didn’t leak my nudes, nobody believed me
and I’m just happy to let the world know, Cleared your name. Yeah.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Safaree and His Sister Take A Lie Detector Test | Fuse”

  1. This man is a disgrace he is a fame hoe he will do anything to be famous. He is a one trick pony. When his story line run out he is going to due anything to be on tv so here come lies just like Kenya Moore this is a dam shame. He will sale his ass sooner or later ass wipe.

  2. Why would you put the cuff on top of his jacket!!!.. whatever!..lol
    Its entertainment!.. not the real world..machine can't be trusted especially if you have the skills to beat the test.😑

  3. People are so dum ..they swear a lie detecter is 100 percent right ….dude there has been people that lied and passed it and people that said the truth and failed it …this is facts

  4. Safaree sister skin is flawless and she is beautiful damn when he and Mena make them babies they would be beautiful

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