MARLINS NO. 21 TO RUN TO HOME… MAKING IT ALL TIED UP AT 6-6.. BUT THE TORNADOES FELT LIKE THEY NEEDED TO HIT BACK.. SCORING 4MORE RUNS IN THEIR TAILS OFF TO GET HERE.. AND IT’S BEEN A LITTLE HARDER THIS YEAR THAN PREVIOUS ONES.. HURRICANE MICHAEL LEFT ITS MARK ON THE RUTHERFORD TENNIS COURTS.. LEAVING THE GIRLS TEAM WONDERING IF THEY WOULD HAVE A SEASON.. BUT THESE EIGHT PLAYERS WEREN’T GOING TO LET THE DAMAGE STOP THEM.. “These girls are the most resilient girls I have ever they are all there before I’m there a lot of the times. They are just ready to work hard and play together.” AND THIS RESILIENCY PAID OFF.. THE RAMS ARE UNDEFEATED SO FAR.. WINNING ALL 4 MATCHES THEY HAVE PLAYED.. NOW THEY GET TO CHALLENGE THEMSELVES THIS WEEKEND IN ALABAMA.. “I’m really looking forward gonna have a lot more experience than us but it’s gonna be a great learning experience for the whole team and it’s gonna be great. You know, it’s gonna be fun and that’s what’s most important” THE COMPETITION WILL BE TOUGH FOR THE RAMS… THEY TAKE ON 16 TEAMS.. AND ARE PREPARING HARD FOR ALL OF THEM… BUT COACH OLDS EXPECTS THIS TO MAKE THEM BETTER.. “I wanna see how we play when we are down. We court very well.” AND THE TEAM KNOWS THAT THEY WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN TO THIS POINT WITHOUT THE HELP OF THEIR COACH. “He’s really made this all possible, we would not be going there without him. There would be no tennis team without Coach Olds at Rutherford. This whole thing that we have going is because of him.” AT THE END OF THE DAY.. THE TEAM KNOWS IT’S

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Dennis Veasley

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