Hey what’s up everybody, Truth Seeker here.
We got a breaking new update to add to the Trump Russia Robert Mueller
collusion witch-hunt. This one’s actually pretty devastating to the whole entire
case but the “Russian escort” we’ll say, has admitted she fabricated the Trump
collusion claims as part of the deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s
office so she could be released from jail. My goodness this is just getting
too good isn’t it? Her name is Nastya Rybka. I hope I
pronounced that right, she was granted a suspended sentence this week after she
agreed to submit false claims about the Trump Russia collusion to the FBI
so the Mueller special counsel broke her out of jail basically according to
reports from Asia says the Russian escort going by the name Nastya Rybka
or little fish has received a suspended sentence and released for time served
nine months in Thailand where a group was arrested for conspiracy to provide
sexual services to a group she and her sex trainer partner will be
deported to Russia the pair admitted to hosting a sex training class in Thailand
Rebecca apparently suggested that she could provide the FBI data on Trump
Russian collusion she played the deep state big the pair gain notary recently
when they successfully entrapped Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Russian
Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko with alleged evidence of corruption
while on board their Paskus yacht up in Norwegian coast
Rebecca advertises herself as an oligarch pickup artist and was trained
by Leslie for a year before attempting the sting in a desperate attempt at
freedom Rybka offered Russian collusion information on Donald Trump to
the FBI in exchange for help getting out of prison. Russian news ally
RIA Novoste reported both will be tried and deported along with a possible
$3,000 fine rap girl was arrested in Russia when she returned to Moscow on
Friday Rybka apologized to the court and to the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska
we’re making up a story to tell Robert Mueller and the FBI it was all a lie to
get out of jail of course all of the fake news liberal media fell for the
nonsense right because claim made head I’m seeing in for almost a whole two
years now and it was all just a lie amazing how this all works the timing
and everything too because just the other day I also did a story where John
Brennan secretly actually went to Moscow right before the dossier was even
created just weeks after Brennan’s visit Christopher Steele worth with fusing GPS
to produce the unfamous anti-trump memo on behalf of the Clinton campaign I mean
come on how much more evidence do they have to see that this was 100% a frame
job to take out the duly elected president this is just sickening it’s
horrible there’s still more coming out on this story right now but I mean just
adding all these pieces together operation crossfire hurricane now is
fully in view it’s fully in public view everybody should be able to connect the
dots I created a playlist on my channel
called Operation crossfire hurricane and it’s all the collections of the stories
that link to this whole entire coup that was created in order to take out Donald
Trump and I don’t know how much more clear it has to be that this was 100
percent they set up amazing how it all works I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this
up sorry to make it so short but this was really important and needed to get
out there please share this around and I’ll see you guys in the next video
peace please subscribe to our channel like our
video and comment below and we’ll see you on the flipside peace

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Dennis Veasley

84 thoughts on “RussiaGate Escort Admits Making up Trump Story so Mueller Would Free Her from Jail”

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  2. This is not a good thing for her to do… But jail is no fun for her either.. May be some day she can find peace with in her heart …

  3. Mueller is gonna invent something if his crooked isn't stopped. And Americans will march on Washington and tale our country back. And that will be the end of our government. Democrats don't care. They all have stole enough money to go somewhere else

  4. Now (Q) if any Dem.Reps. family members were on that military bus or scheduled to fly on the plane at taxpayers expense?? Things that make thinkers say. 93/7 Hmm….AS

    346,000 support by donating 20.5mil & growing OPT IN w/(1) Dollar = (1) Vote. Can you hear US now Nancy? As Media tried to discredit the webuildthewall effort.

  5. I'd make up a story , jail sucks. Can't blame her for that.
    The fact the mule team bought it gets me. Dude, you did pretty good with those Russia names they're tough !
    Peace my brother.

  6. People can't connect the dots because no one outside of the 787 views you have here, knows about it. When not logged on to YT we see the promoted videos everyone gets on their home page, and it's all trivial crap! YT only allow everyone to see CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, BBS, Sports, Music and sex. Very few get to see supposed alternative news, and to be frank, the VAST majority of Americans ONLY come to YT for comedy, sports and sex.

  7. This alone should shut the witch hunt down. How much more proof is needed? Steel admitted on oath he made up the dossier and now this? What else has Meuller traded for a statement? This should stop now. Barr should close it down for this alone. Disgraceful way to run an investigation. Lock Mueller up!

  8. And who didn't know this all along everyone knew she was a lying biatch…

    We all know it was all an attempt to uproot a siting president.,

    The demonrats should all be hung by the neck until dead….

  9. Lol it is Amazing Ppl R Sooo Willfully BLIND isnt it! For yrs Weev had documentation that Killerie PAID For Faked Dossier, & WHO was Involved;. Even Pics of Mueller @Russian Airport As the URANIUM One TREASONOUS Nuke Drop Off "BAD GUY", HOLDING The Samples! WHAT-Everrrrr.. "Don't OPEN Your Eyes", We BAD Ppl NEED TO SHUT UP, "STOP TELLING TRUTHS!". The Truth Is TOO SCARY 🙈🙉🐒🙊🎯😈 REALLY😷🐂💩

  10. Whatever bullshit that scumbag muller is trying to pull isn't gonna work. President Trump is just way too good and the American people are awake.

  11. i think the real question is…"How many more people outside the Russia scope" need to be indicted for non Russia collusion? It seems like a "Look what we did!" moment to justfy a probe.

  12. And Mueller is SUPPOSED to be a professional interrogation expert. Maybe next he’ll let Comey walk if he lies his ass off……oh wait…

  13. That thumbnail… She looks like she just crawled through someone's Television that had an image of a black & white tree with color enhanced flames.

  14. Thanks for the info, I follow only a few and your the best, thanks #seeking the truth…This is like a "bad" movie, how foes Prez Trump stand this crap for 2 years! God Speed Prez Trump!

  15. It’s funny how for some of us, this story never passed the smell test from day one.
    Now we’re gonna be treated to an endless parade of “journos” either doubling down on their support for the story or handwringing about being duped and how it all plays into the “ fake news” narrative… disgusting
    That we’ve been force fed this line of bullshit at the taxpayer’s expense while dragging the republic down into this quagmire of deceit while sowing division amongst the electorate half of which are alienated and refuse to take part in any future elections is beyond appalling

  16. As Mark Twain allegedly said a lie travels round the world several times before truth gets its shoes on. The fact is the damage has been done and can't be undone. We need to bring in a mandatory death sentence for lying to the public about anything however trivial. You lie you die.

  17. Great work, the awake ones are happy now to understand how it was done. But it doesn't matter for the liberals, they still think it's fake, they probably think the escort was forced into telling it was a lie.

    So the only thing I see that could change their opinion, would be arrests (but that would probably trigger political coup),
    or the media starting to show the truth, but actually I just hope they all go down, so many new alternative media's who deserve far more attention, that those corrupt mainstreams medias.

  18. I’m trying to figure out who would want to fuck this chick? I have said this on another channel that this woman is as ugly as sin so who in their right mind would pay for that? And then who in their right mind would pay to get her sprung from prison, regardless of what kind of information she has which clearly is none.

    I caught an excessive amount of flack for my comments regarding her on this other channel and of course the person who bitched the most is a fat ugly woman probably is a feminist because God knows who else would fuck her. She kept on about it and it was pathetic.

    I am really beginning to enjoy your channel, usually when I see a channel like yours I will like it right away but I did that one too many times and I’ve got bitten in the ass for it so I have let this one set for two weeks and you haven’t proven me wrong. I really enjoy your channel as it is “NOT CB” so I have subscribed and I have rang the little bell.

    So thank you very much for your information that you keep putting out I really enjoy the fact that it’s concise and to the point no fucking around. 👍👍

  19. I enjoy the terms used in the kick ass investigations into trump buddies and staff crimes and with hunt, or maybe little bitch hunt..33 convicted!!! 33 little witches! there is witch Manafort, there is witch rick gates, and witch michael flynn and many many more. soon to be added, there is little witch corsi and witch stone, and maybe little witch donny jr ! yup, call it what you want, the green suit fits them allll !!!!! lol

  20. nastya rybka isn't her real name, it is just a pseudonym. she used that false name to publish a book… do some real research please.

  21. Here’s a wrench to throw into everyone’s plans, check this scenario out, President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are actually working together. They are in cahoots to try to catch all of the scum from the swamp and the deep state, they’re going about it the right way. Look how many have come forth and been fired, quit their job, or ended up going to jail.

    That’s just my thoughts and has been in my thoughts for about seven months. If you think about it and they are working together what would be the best cover up? The President talking shit about Mueller all the time and Mueller working diligently but never ever finding anything on the president.

    Lol it’s just a scenario but at this point anything can happen, it’s already been shown. LMMFAO and Mueller, who’s got the name of one of the Warriors, it just gets better. LOL

  22. FNN(future news network): this just in, Anastasia Vashukevich, also known as Nastya Rybka found dead in moscow park. body HEAVILY IRRADIATED. coroner rules the death an accident. "she tripped over some stray isotopes."

  23. She certainly will speak the truth to Russian investigators. Their interrogating methods are less polite then those of USA.

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