The first step in taking free relief from
conditions such as ground under repair… temporary water, and immovable obstructions… is to find the Nearest Point of Complete Relief. This is the spot either left of, right
of, or behind where your ball lies… that is not closer to the hole… and where the condition you are taking relief from is no longer in your way. You determine this spot by simulating the
stance, swing and direction of play… you would use to play your ball if the condition didn’t exist. The nearest point can be different depending on whether you are right- or left-handed… your height, or your choice of club, etc. It’s important to remember the nearest point isn’t always the nicest point. In this case the player’s nearest point of complete relief from this path is under the tree… not to the left of the path in the clear. So it’s a good idea not to lift your ball before figuring this out… because sometimes the best
option is to just play the ball as it lies.

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Dennis Veasley

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