Hi, this is Sean Hobson. When understanding
the game of basketball, you have to make sure and understand the rules that go along with
the game. That’s going to keep you in the game longer and it’s going to keep your team
on the winning edge, when you’re not committing problems that are going to affect your team
down the stretch. So, what we want to talk about now is one of the most commonly occurring
situations that happen in a basketball game, and that is a foul. Now, if this man has the
ball, then he has the rights to certain positions and this man as a defender cannot violate
his space as an offensive player. So, a couple of different defensive fouls, one is called
a “reach in.” If this guys playing, (get down in a good defensive stance) if he’s playing
defense, he cannot reach in through the player and slap at the ball. If he gets into his
zone or into his area, that is considered a reach in and that’s going to be a foul.
Also, if this guy were to maybe drop the ball and pick it up, and he would come down and
reach in, that’s also a foul. Any type of slapping down motion is going to be called
a foul. So, if you’re standing with the ball and he comes down and slaps, most of the time,
even if he gets to the ball, he’s going to have to come through his hand to get to the
ball. So, any slapping motion is usually going to be called a foul. And the other most obvious
defensive foul is, when he’s shooting a shot, this guy’s not allowed to touch any part of
his body. So, (go ahead and defend) if he comes through and he brings down and tries
to block the shot and he hits his arm, or if he gets his body into the player, that’s
all going to be called a foul. So, the main thing to remember is, you’ve got to keep your
hands off the player, you can’t check them, you can’t put your hands on them and you can’t
reach in on the play or you’re going to be called for a defensive foul.

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Dennis Veasley

50 thoughts on “Rules and Fouls in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Rules: Defensive Fouls”

  1. willhong let me explain something you can not hake or reach for the ball via NBA or via youth b ball its a rule know matter what level of basketball you clearly dont know how to play so make sure u know what u talking about befor u make comment

  2. If you a referee and you listen to this guy you will never get any big games.

    The hands are part of the basketball.

    As a defender you can reach and go for steals all day long. If you hit all ball it's all good.

  3. this is why basketball is inconsistent and great nba teams who should have win on lost because some asshole had more money to pay the refs off!

  4. This is incorrect and a most common myth. Reach in fouls are ONLY called when illegal contact occurred. Defensive player can attempt to steal a ball or slap a ball away AS LONG AS THERE'S NO BODY CONTACT. Where does it say in rule book that its a violation/foul when reaching in offensive player personal space?

  5. You can hit the hands The hand is part of the ball. If you hit a wrist or something else thats bad but you can slap at the hands all day

  6. It would be so easy to play basketball if you couldn't touch people or slap the ball I swear to god i would be in the nba by now….

  7. baby ball, youth ball, AAU, NCAA, NBA. Hands are A part of the basketball. It's very black and white. If you want to clean it up clean it up but reaching is just fine as long as it's clean.

  8. Question, you try to block a shot, the shooter's hand touches your hand right after he releases the ball, because of the shooting motion of his arm, is that still a foul? This is not a hands are a part of the ball question, those mainly apply's to blocking a dunk or trying to steal a ball where some people got really big hands and it's impossible not to touch a part of their hands.

  9. As a youth referee, this is actually false. There must be contact to commit a foul. Also, if the hand is on the ball, it is considered part of the ball. Therefore, if the hand on the ball is slapped, it is not considered a foul. If the arm or wrist is slapped, it is then considered a foul.

  10. Sean – thank you so much. My son is serious about playing and I need all the help I can get to understand the game.

  11. How could "reach in" be a foul? That is such BS. A foul means there is CONTACT; not to the ball but the PERSON! Reaching in is not CONTACT. This is rubbish.

  12. I agree the rules clearly state you can reach in to go for the ball as long as you don't make contact then it's not a foul. The coach should know better.

  13. I was playing basketball there was a fast break and he was dribbling on the right side. beat him to the hoop put my hands up. I didn't touch him at all. He put his body to me, missed the shot and called a foul? Didn't feel like arguing with the guy but I'm pretty sure that wasn't a foul. It was just a game at a indoor gym.

  14. Sorry but this does not explain fouls very well at all. No contact means no foul. It's that simple. It's not called a reach in foul for the mere fact you reached in. It's because you made contact during the act. And slapping at the ball is fair play but again as long as you don't make contact. He says you'll probably have to come through his hands. Hands are considered part of the ball when in contact with the ball so it's still fair game. Just don't hit his arms or anywhere past the wrist.

  15. This video serves to create more confusion than understanding. First of all, there is no such thing as a "reach-in" foul. A defensive player has every right to make a fair play for the ball.  And, the hands are considered part of the ball under any rules, so contact with the hands when making a fair play for the ball is legal.  What you can't do is make contact with any other part of the body, such as initiating contact with the players arm, or any part of his body when he is shooting or dribbling unless the contact is incidental. This video assumes that any contact is a foul.  That is completely inaccurate and discourage players from playing defense. And, yes there are some people who think as an offensive player, they can initiate contact when shooting and then call a foul. Again, this is inaccurate due to the vertical rule. If a defensive player has his arms straight up and does not violate the his vertical plane, the offensive player has to avoid him.  If he chooses to shoot into the defender and then cry foul through initiating that contact (some seem to think this means drawing contact), well, he is dead wrong and probably should have passed the ball instead of taking a bad shot.

  16. Basketball is a CONTACT sport, always has been always will be. By saying that you can't touch the offensive player when he has possession of the ball you are ignoring the basic principles the game was founded on. Players in today's game get so caught up in looking for the foul, when back in the day you could get banged up in the post, or constantly swiped at the top and the ref would say "Keep playing". This new era of ball teaches kids against being aggressive and more towards hesitant play. Also, NO CONTACT…NO FOUL. How are you going to say that if I make a clean swipe at the ball and get a steal, I am committing a foul? Yeah I got in your players personal space to get to the ball, and yes I left your player in the dust because YOU as a coach didn't teach him to protect the rock while dribbling resulting in an easy layup for my team, and an embarrassed player on YOUR hands. Please do not make videos that encourage players to play so passive. Yes good defense is staying directly in front of the player and keeping your hands up (a five second call is just as good, if not better, as a steal), BUT it is no crime in the game of basketball to "reach-in" for the ball.

  17. Every time I play defense, my friend calls shooting fouls on me. If I'm shuffling near him while he's dribbling the ball to the hoop, then putting my body away at the last second (WITHOUT CONTACT) to make him have less chances of getting a good jumpshot, then that's not a foul. I'd like to hear your guys' opinions on this.

  18. are you just making up your own rules to the game now? this is wrong. you can reach all you want. no contact means no foul. simple.

  19. Is it a foul when im posting up then the defender puts his arm over my shoulder and tries to reach for the ball but doesnt touch me

  20. If he gets the ball clean that's not a foul that's rubbish I pick people's pocket all time and it's not a foul

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