Reversing cameras for the Golf 6. This is the topic of our video. We talk about universal cameras – How do I install one? About car-specific ones, especially for the Golf 6. And again: How do I install them? Which are my options? Welcome to ars24! For those who are wondering now if we just ship within Germany? No, we ship worldwide. The summary of all information on the Golf 6, whether these are the videos or pictures, and all matching products for the Golf 6, can be found at under ‘Find everything for your car’. Or simply check the video description for the link that leads directly to this page. We are having here a Zenec reversing camera, which is a universal one. It can be rotated to adjust the viewing angle. It can be mounted in different ways. The cable is long enough, even has an extension for the bumper. In case the bumper has to be removed eventually, the cable can be separated. It has got a long cable for video transmission to the car radio, and for the power supply. This would be a universal camera. There are also car specific cameras, for example from Zenec. Here we have a license plate light with integrated camera. How it looks on the car, you will see later. It also has this long cable for image transmission and power supply. Those with an original VW radio might say: Well, I’ve got a color screen already, but until now no reversing camera. There are interfaces available, which allow the retrofit of cameras. Original VW Radios require an additional RGB interface. When we upgrade a normal radio – what is normal, what is actually normal? A Kenwood multimedia device, or an Alpine or Pioneer multimedia device, doesn’t need a special interface, because these devices are specially designed. They have the opportunity to receive the signal in reverse gear, which tells them: Now I switch to the reversing camera. Hence they need no interface. I can attach a camera at any time, if I want to. Condition is only that the multimedia device has a rear camera input. And then everything is fine. And now let’s start on the car. In the car, we can install the reversing camera. This is the license plate light reversing camera. License plate light out, and the camera in! This would be a universal camera, which you can then adjust a little on the viewing angle. Mounting is relatively simple. But now we will install a car specific camera, which is the actual topic. It is the easiest to install. First we have to remove the original license plate light, which is actually only clipped in. We can pull it out, then here we have to unclip. and remove the old licence plate light altogether. We also have to remove the lamp. We can put the lamp straight into the new reversing camera from Zenec. The license plate light is now in the new reversing camera. And theoretically we can reconnect it now. Well, there is still the cable here to pull down through the bumper, to end up underneath. I will show you now a trick. The screw here must be removed. It is neither a Phillips, nor a slotted screw. But with a flat screwdriver, you can solve the problem. Then you can pull the bumper a little forward, to now to draw a thin wire from above, from the hole of rear view camera. We use a normal solid piece of wire, with which we can go straight into the hole from the top. It has a little bend, so I come now straight down. We have created down here enough slack, to allow my hand to go in, and grab the wire. Now we tape the cable tightly to the wire, and now we pull the whole thing through. We grab it, and there it is already. It is that simple. Now we can take this off again. From the inside, we come to the outside with the waterproof connector of the cable, that will be permanently connected to the car radio. We have here in the spare wheel well a small grommet, that we can open. We can see the outside already. Now we can work it a little, and cut a hole for the cable. For the thick plug we would have to drill a big hole.,drill huge. But with a cut we can pull it through, and close it again. We just cut a little piece out from the rubber grommet for th cable. This way it sits comfortably, and it will still be tight not to have leakages eventually. This is how it looks now from below, it’s practically closed again. This ensures that everything is still tight afterwards. So, now we pull the cable out, we can push it through here, and grab it again from below. And now we have the two ends, which I simply need to connect. On the inside we do the following: We take a piece of bitumen tape, as we actually cut a waterproof plug. But now we can add a bitumen strip here, so that afterwards everything is sealed again, when we now insert the cable. The cable, our cut grommet, now the bitumen around. Now we have male and female connectors, plug them together, and then we’re done. We push it underneath, and put the bumper back on, so it can’t get out again. Or we also fix it down there with bitumen, that would be a good idea. It would safely secure it there. Reversing camera is installed! Only thing left to do is running the cable forward to the radio. One of our videos shows how to remove all the trim panels, to run a cable. Thank you for watching! Please give us your thumbs up! If you haven’t subscribed already, press the subscribe button! You can also watch one of the videos here, to learn more about the Golf 6.

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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “Rückfahrkamera im VW Golf 6 installieren | Einbau-TUTORIAL | ARS24”

  1. Wo wird denn am besten das Reversekabel eines Kenwood DNX516DABS in einem Golf 6 angeschlossen damit dieses automatisch auf die zenec Kamera umschaltet und nicht erst im PDC Bildschirm auf die Kamera gedrückt werden muss?

  2. Jo finde ich ja ganz nett das Video aber damit ist es ja nicht getan die Kamera braucht Strom und wie es dann vorn am Radio weiter geht wäre auch interessant .Wäre halt nicht schlecht das alles in einem Video zu sehen .Dieses hier würde ich Nummernschildbeleuchttung tauschen und Kabel nach innen legen nennen aber nicht Rückfahrkamera instalieren 🙂

  3. wie wird die Rückfahrkamera an das RNS310 angeschlossen?Gibt es dafür Anschlüsse oder brauche ich dafür Adapter?

  4. Hallo! Gibt es so etwas auch mit LED Kennzeichen Beleuchtung? Ich suche verzweifelt nach so etwas, finde aber nichts konkretes…

  5. Moin, ich habe einen Golf 6 mit Rückfahrkamera hinter dem Emblem die ausfährt,
    Ist eure Kamera auch da möglich ?

  6. hallo, du hattest etwas erzählt von radios die keine originalen von vw sind. könntest du da vieleicht noch einige typen aufschreiben? ich bin grade am überlegen ob original vw oder ein alternatives radio. wichtig wäre mir aux, usb, cd…danke.

  7. Hat da einer ein Tipp für mich habe ein Golf 5 plus 2008 da ist die Kennzeichen Beleuchtung an der Heckklappe wie das da funktioniert?

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