Hey guys, I’m Megan. I’m the senior beauty editor at goop. I’ve been using goop’s new Rose Quartz Face-Massage Roller. It looks like this. It’s double-sided. This side is for the cheeks and the forehead, and then the smaller side is for the under-eye area. It comes with these super cute instructions: “Wake up your entire face with the cooling, soothing power of rose quartz crystal. It promotes circulation for glowy, healthy-looking skin, releases tension in facial muscles, and cools to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags.” They’re super easy to use. You’re just rolling up, and you’re always rolling up. You’re not rolling down because you want to roll against gravity to have a lifting effect on your face. You can do it literally anywhere. The first time I used my Rose Quartz Roller was actually after a six-hour flight in a middle seat from New York to LA, and I looked like absolute hell. And so in the back of my Uber, I just started slowly rose-quartz-rolling and I felt so much better because it eases tension in your face and I looked better. It sort of woke up my whole face. What brings it to over-the-topness is using your favorite face oil or serum first and then rolling over it to drive in the ingredients. My favorite oil is Vintner’s Daughter. It’s the most nourishing, skin-perfecting blend of essential oils. It smells stupendous. You need three or four drops, and then you just press it over you face like this. And you just do it over the oil, and I love doing it here in the middle between my brows. Someone chilled this roller for me, which is awesome. And you can also do your neck, and that feels really good and is super soothing, too. The great thing about this being made of rose quartz is that it’s a nonporous material so it’s not going to accumulate makeup and oil and get super dirty. But when I do want to clean it, I just run it under water and then pat it dry. If you guys want to check out more beauty videos head to goop.com and subscribe to our goop newsletter. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m @megagirl. See ya later.

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8 thoughts on “Rose Quartz Face Massage Roller | Megan Tries It | goop”

  1. THIS IS A SCAM! DON'T BUY IT! If you really want to decrease puffiness make sure you use a device with a vibrating quality, such as the ones made by FOREO. Plus these rollers tend to have microscopic needles which tare up the skin. So if you go to exfoliate you're already destroy skin that has already been torn up. Stop cheating people out of their money, Gwenethโ€‹.

  2. Your gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Use jade in the morning to depuff facean rose quartz in the evening.for a cool sensation.
    Both green an pink cover both bottom an top heart chakra. There are two sides to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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