Hi this is Sonya when your lower back or
hip is hurting the muscles around it will get tight and when the muscles are
too tight they cannot function as well so when you try to strengthen these
muscles without releasing the tension first it’s not as effective so today
we’re going to use a tennis ball to roll out the back of your hip your glutes
and piriformis area this is a very common area that gets tight when you have a tight back or hip Lie down on your back put the tennis
ball underneath your right butt make sure it’s on the muscles not on the bones you
can move around to find a tender spot your body usually will tell you once you
find a good spot cross your right ankle over your left knee
then lean your pelvis on the ball and stay for a while around 30 seconds to 1 minute if it’s too intense you can roll in and out of that you can move the ball
to another tender spot and do the same stay for 30 to 60 seconds try to relax
into it if it hurts too much not to stay too long or use a softer ball then do it on the other side you may
find one side tighter than the other or two sides have different tender spots
you can always spend more time on the tighter side once you release the tight
areas you can do some strengthening or core activation exercises sometimes when
you release the tight area the joint becomes less stable so it’s good to do
some gentle core exercises to stabilize the joint you can find many good the
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