Revenge is Sweet. Roger Federer has avenged this year’s tough
Wimby final loss dominating Novak Djokovic 6-4 6-3. This was by far Roger’s best match of 2019,
as he put on an absolute service clinic winning 81% of first serve points, 69% on second,
and only faced one break point in the entire match. The Swiss also dominated things on the return
department winning 43% of first serve return points and 56% on second. Nole’s numbers were dismal only winning
19% of first serve return points and 31% on second. With these results Rafael Nadal ties Roger
and Novak with the second most times being the year-end number one at 5. Rafa also makes history as the oldest year-end
world number one in ATP history so congratulations to him for that. After the match Federer discussed sealing
the deal for the Spaniard, saying that if it weren’t for Wimbledon Rafa would already
have it in the bag by now: Federer also says he didn’t realize how
long it’s been since he’s beaten Djokovic, with this win being his first over the serb
in over 4 years: Though many appreciated Federer’s honesty, many condemned
the 20-time champion for such comments saying that he dissed Novak. “You have to be kidding me that he said
this? Excuse me…but he is everything but classy
and respectful. Also he showed how bitted he is. And people call him a champion…shame. If Novak said something like that, it would
be a disaster.” “Imagine Novak saying this. if the roles were reversed. The hell would break loose.” “I’m embarrassed for RF, clearly he felt
insecure in 2019 , what a petty kyrgios thing to say” Now while I don’t believe Roger was just
being disrespectful, I think he was just being hones btw, I do feel that he was showing a
bit of salt in bringing up Wimbledon with the world number one discussion, his showing
that he isn’t quite over that loss. Djokovic, though admitting today was an off
day, gave full credit to his opponent, even saying Roger is an inspiration to him. While Roger picked up such a huge win, he
still trails Thiem in the group standings, even though the Austrian lost to Matteo Berrettini
in straight sets. To close out the video I want to take the
chance to salute Novak Djokovic on yet another successful ATP season winning two majors and
two masters 1000. Though he won’t be playing any more tour
tournaments, he still has Davis Cup which begins next week. What are your thoughts of this Federer masterclass? Did you expect Roger to win so easily? Also, do you believe he was dissing Novak
in his press conference? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Roger Federer Disses Novak Djokovic? | Nadal is Year-End No.1”

  1. I think Roger said those things as a reaction to Novak failing to give him enough credit for winning their match …. What happened was Novak, in his own press conference, suggested that Roger won partly due to him not being at his best and also saying that he had elbow pain somewhere in the match .. winners don't like to hear such things from the losers …

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