Comedian whose audition was a triumph! The audience gave him a standing ovation, and Amanda gave him a golden buzzer. It’s Daliso Chaponda! (Cool music as Daliso enters) I’m Daliso Chaponda. I’m 37. I am a malawian stand-up comedian, and I live in manchester (Short loud trumpet-like noise) So I started doing stand-up comedy in Canada. I was studying computer programming so I’ve come a quite sharp left turn. I left Canada. I tried it in South Africa. I wasn’t very good and then I moved to Manchester (Music and Baby at the end of the music) I travel all the time. I mean I’ve spent a lot of years of doing the circuit doing little clubs doing slightly bigger theaters I would like to tour Giant room screaming fans, and just always have an audience for my job. (Sassy snap) “Sometimes I think I don’t appreciate myself!” (Laughing, music enters and Amanda slaps golden buzzer) When I got the golden buzzer… it was the last thing I expected I was so happy. “You’re bloody hilarious, and I really want you to win the entire series!” Ever since Amanda has a golden buzzer I’ve had those 22 year old dreams come back into my head and think you can make it you’ll be the next big thing you can make it I’ve never won a competition. I think it’s time that I won something. I really do! It’s my turn. I’m ready ready to score the knockout punch (Screaming) (Laughing) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that welcome and thank Amanda for pushing that buzzer Ever since then my life has been bonkers People approaching me on the road saying well done, but the most common question I get is you’re from where is it Mollie Maui? But it’s malawi and if any of you don’t know where that is it’s where Madonna adopted all the babies from (Laughing) Thats us! Ya you’re jealous. I do miss my little brother (Laughing) (Clapping) and Angelina took my sister, so… Been in the uk a while, I was tricked into moving here! I was tricked because I was watching television, and I saw an angry guy came on television, He said, “Oh, all these immigrants. They take all the good jobs, All the good women”. I was like “Wow. That’s what I’m looking for!” (Laughing and clapping) But I know sometimes comedy-(Unknown jamble) It’s hard to laugh sometimes… cause the news is full of depressing stuff! But I think the thing is it’s misleading because amazing things happen every day little acts of kindness, but they don’t report it They put it on page 10 they open with the doom and gloom If a BBC news of the made of yours, you’d never go over. look. I’m not going to that depressing barbecue Imma go hand out with Cartoon Network but [this] is amazing time to be alive people say stuff like oh, I miss the good old days [but] all these were terrible we’ve got amazing stuff. We’ve got Wi-Fi We’ve got rights we can vote I’m black, [two] [hundred] years ago this would have been an auction! oh We’ve come a long way. That’s all I’m saying But even with the doom and gloom the m- the Malawian press is a lot worse than your press here I’ll tell you like I get the first ever comedy show in Malawi, which isn’t an accomplishment. I’m the only stand-up comedian, right? and I called the local press said send
a reporter the editor said ah Why don’t you? write the review Yourself and You give me some money. [I] will say we wrote it. I Was disgusted by the total lack of integrity in the Malawian press, but wow that was the [best] review ever got? seven stars the Genius the African Michael Mcintyre [that’s] crazy. I’m on television right now because my ex always thought I wasn’t ambitious enough She always used to be like you’re a comedian come on be more ambitious. [I] said hey I’m happy she said you’re not happy. [I] said I think I’m happy she said no be more ambitious [I] did not sign up for somebody who’s going nowhere. I snapped [I] told her look you knew I wasn’t ambitious the day. We met of all the women in the bar. I approached you Yeah, you’re laughing. I’m single now I’m looking for love. I’ll admit. I’m looking for love. You know got to get that citizenship. You know But it’s hard to date on a budget I Remember going for then and the woman made a lot more money [than] me which is in the problem [were] in the 21st century But I was ashamed [I] remember the waiter came up assumed. I was going to pay Put the bill in front of me. I had to go, huh, I’ll get the next one I’m so pathetic watching her pay. I wanted so badly to be part of the transaction so [I] just took the change I Don’t understand the British. I saw a beautiful British woman looking at a mirror upset. I said what’s going on She said can’t you see it’s a fat mirror What do you mean the mirror looks fat she said this mirror makes me look fatter than I am I said well I think my eyes have the same problem I Was not mocking her don’t be angry with me. It was a cultural [misunderstanding] I’m from Africa. [it’s] different when we see someone overweight. We don’t think going to diet We’re more like where did you get the food? I think we gonna follow her home, heh. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you!

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100 thoughts on “ROFL! Golden Buzzer Comedian Makes Judges Can’t Stop LAUGHING! | Semi Final 5 | BGT 2017”

  1. We Africans when we see someone who is fat we don’t ask them to go on a diet but instead ask them where do they get their food from 😂 This part made me laugh so hard.

  2. He was funny alright but magicians are way underrated on talent show. It takes crazy practice as well as talent to pull of those stuff and they never get golden buzzers.

  3. This man is wrong in some sense…history of black people who died and shamed during time of slavery cannot be justify by laughing..Dude they died and ur right now you have the rights..the old golden years never came into waste so respect them.

  4. من المضحك أن ترا أسود ذا قلب ابيض مرحا يخرجك من كاءبة قلبك الأسود

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💓💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🎤🐦😊👍👍

  6. 我不知道是誰翻譯成中文的
    運用詼諧的角度來看待文化的差異 甚至世間覺得"可憐"的條件
    再一次 感謝。

  7. Realmente este humor es muy estúpido ni una sola vez rei xk los norteamericanos ríen con esto X más qe lo vi y me regrese a verlo no encontré jamás el buen humor. Como dijo destino NO ASÍ NO😃😄😃 nada se compara con mis comediantes Mexicanos esto si qe es divertido 👍👍

  8. This is funny. All the PC wannabes who jump on their high horses and bleat about racism. Shut up, grow up and sort your lives out.

  9. Hhhh the part where he says: in Africa, when we see a fat… we dont think about diet but where did you get the food" hhhh i am dead

  10. "It was a cultural misunderstanding I'm from africa, it's different, when we see someone overweight, we don't think going to diet, we more like were did u get the food" lol😂😂😂 this guy is awesome😂😂😂😂

  11. One emoji


  12. If a white guy said 200yrs ago this would’ve been an auction. That would’ve been racist. And the media would’ve had a field day about it.
    He’s not bad, quite funny

  13. Some times you have to do your own thing. Look how far the jack has reached with rubbish materials. No way funny.

  14. I like his honest, untwisted, positive, dignified jokes. We don’t have to have jokes to laugh at other’s expensive. He seems to be a normal person with funny bones which is hard to find in these days comedians.

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