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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Rock Climber Alex Honnold on Free Soloing El Capitan”

  1. Hard to watch. I wish this couldve been more informative and intuitive for the audience and the world as a whole. This is by far one of the greatest achievements a human has ever completed. I get that this show is about comedy and satire, just a little disrespectful and shameful for him to be treated as the same as any other guest on his show…. definitely not in any way shape or form comparable to 50cent….

  2. What Alex did, no man has ever done or even dreamed of actually doing what he did. This is so far off the charts it is incomprehensible. Tremendous athlete and humility. The interviewer is not worthy to even have his name mentioned next to Alex's. The focus, preparation and intensity of this feat completely blows my mind.

  3. Alex: I spent a whole year preparing myself for this climb. Memorizing each movement I make.

    Jimmy: WhY DoNt YoU JuST Use A ROPe???? DiD YoU MEet anY MoUntain LionS??? AHURHURHURHUR!

  4. No idiot in Hollywood could ever comprehend the level of greatness of this young man. That's why Kimmel came off as an arrogant puke. Not that he isnt.

  5. Jimmy kimmel is just a political driven far left dooshbag. If you stick to comedy people would like you. Leave politics out of it. You’re not fuckin funny anyway. He didn’t get into politics here,and that’s surprising because he ALWAYS BRINGS IN LEFTIST POLITICS

  6. Jimmy can't have a real conversation, he keeps on making fun with the man who couldn't care less unlike actors and posers. What a disgrace.

  7. Imagine a slight gust of wind that blows a bit of the chalk inside the chalk bag to his nose which will make him sneeze therefore falling.

  8. Wow… as if one needed an additional reason to despise Kimmel.. sitting down with true and humble greatness you show your ass and low intellect, well done Kimmel.

  9. Alex is actually trying to have an intelligent conversation…. which obviously doesn't work here… let the boy finish his statement for once. He's trying to answer your previous question and you cut him off, how rude. Jimmy wants the spotlight.

  10. One of the most amazing human beings to have ever lived in this planet, interviewed by a clown trying to keep up with his comedic act. Sometimes, you just need to be able to accept that the person you're interviewing, is no joke. But I don't blame you, Jimmy, since the normal person would have a mountain to climb just trying to understand his feat.

  11. The problem here is that Jimmy Kimmel and other normal people (like in the audience) can’t even conceive of being this dedicated to anything.

  12. The most stupid interview ever. Jimmy thinks he has the same caliber as this legend talking like a clown making fun of him smh

  13. Kimmel’s interview sucked because people like him realize they are just talentless shallow fame grabbers when they are in the presence of true talent and skill.

  14. Seriously jim, wtf? I bet you wouldn’t give any other guest such a condescending and inconsiderate interview to someone who is far more interesting and more talented than half of your guests! Smh

  15. Kimmel isn't even a funny comedian, all his stuff is pre-written by writers. What a pathetic clown getting to interview an extraordinary athlete and human.

  16. Jimmy’s willful ignorance is on full display here. Being more interested in your audience than the guest is the sign of a genuinely TERRIBLE interviewer. At least Alex got some publicity. Jimmy…up your game man.

  17. Ugh. I normally enjoy Jimmy K. But while I was watching this, I started to get uncomfortable, and then more uncomfortable and couldn’t really identify why, just hit pause then started to read the comments then realized I share the sentiments of everyone commenting here. In one interview suddenly I am turned off by JK. How embarrassing, and disrespectful he was.

  18. Classic example of 2 totally different people attempting to talk about something 1 did, and the other cannot fathom, understand, or will ever do.

  19. presentator does his job, that is making fun of the people that came there. I guess Alex knew that before to participate, right?

  20. What a horrible interview, to one of the best free style climbers in the world…Same on Jimmy:(. ( no Jimmy this guest is not the one to make jokes of )…little bit of respect.

  21. God. I hate when celebrity interviewers interview actual impressive people like Alex Honnold and act like complete idiots. Alex is one of the most talented athletes to ever walk on this planet don’t treat him like Miley Cyrus.

  22. jimmy doesn't let the climber finish his talk, he always talks and didn't let a person finish his words. Such a disrespected, this legend shouldn't go to this interview.

  23. I don’t understand how dudes like Fallon or kimmel get their own tv shows. They’re awkward and lousy. They could bring in a bum off the streets and the bum would do a better job.

  24. Hey if it makes this guy happy to risk his life like this sure, go ahead. Personally, I don't see any purpose behind this action.What did climbing this mountain solo achieve?What benefit did it bring(besides a scary movie).

  25. Jeez Jimmy. All you had to do was watch his Ted talk or read a bit about this climb on line. What a terrible interview. He obviously did not prepare for this interview. He has no clue what prep and hard work Alex put in to this climb. Poor Alex having to answer 5 year old type questions.

  26. Alex Honnold is not only a great athlete he is also a great human being. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel who is a moron.

  27. after such interviews u know that these hosts are dumb as fck..only to fit for interviewing 0 IQ celebs….hehehehehehehe

  28. Having Alex Honnold do something for the next big Spiderman-Movie would not be such a bad idea or at least ask for his advice how to do some awesome climbing scenes… 😉

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