Robotic football is an intercollegiate competition
where we play 8-on-8 football games against other colleges. We design, build and then program all these
robots throughout the year and then we compete in the tournament at the end of each year. Robotics is really cool in the sense that
it combines, you know, pretty much any discipline in engineering – so you have mechanical components,
electrical components, coding and computer components. So everyone has to bring their
own skills to the table, but then also we have to work with each other and learn from
each other. What’s challenging about this is to take a
game that humans play and then figure out a way that we can engineer robots that meet
specific constraints about size and weight. This has been my biggest extra-curricular
that I’ve participated in here in college. We’ve got a group of mechanical engineers,
a group of electrical engineers, computer science majors, computer engineers. Everybody has to be on the same page in each
step even though you’re all working on your independent projects kind of towards your
final goal. I think it’s hugely important because it really
inspires the next generation to get excited about STEM. You know, it’s something that kids can see
and it, you know, make them really excited about engineering and the kind of stuff they
might be learning in school in science and math. Another way that we do outreach is with other
universities. So we started this competition and now we’ve
taken it upon ourselves to go to other schools and try and get them to join. So we try and spread the benefits of having
a robotic football team to an engineering department and have a better understanding
of a goal that they could work towards as an engineer.

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Dennis Veasley

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