Born 7 August, 1963, in Murfreesburo , Tennessee
to an Air Force family, Rob Trudell discovered Table Tennis as a popular sport both at home
and Armed-Forces Recreation Centers. Rob is driven to show the world through a
Ping-Pong Window. The desire to share knowledge sharpens his focus. The aspiration to show
fun, exciting and interesting aspects expand the outlook. At age 5 while standing on a toolbox, he began
playing Table Tennis in a Wichita , Kansas basement with his mom, dad and sister. The
play nurtured family bonds. Arriving as a High School student to Germany
in 1977 provided a glimpse of the distance Table Tennis could reach. Players wielded
incredible rackets with spinny rubber that sent returns sailing toward the ceilings and
floors. Mr. Iaconias, conducted lunchtime Ping-Pong
sessions on his pristine table. In a quest compete with the top players; Rob
searched the town of Hohenecken . The scout revealed a club, a challenge and friendship.
He discovered allies advancing toward a goal were more meaningful than the game. At 15, Gerald Wolf’s attractive Electronics
environment of pinball machines, jukeboxes, and TVs drew him in. The excitement of exploding
capacitors kept him there. Rob joined a High-School vocational plan with
the 1964th Communications Squadron. He tuned and repaired Telephone and Microwave communication
systems. Joining the Air Force in 1982 as an Integrated-Avionics
Computerized Test-Station and Component Specialist on F-15 Eagles exposed the regimented difference
between Civil vs. Military Service. In 1984, he settled in Arizona and started
working for Taylor Electronics Inc. Over the next decade he added to his skill in Computer
& Electronics-Engineering Technology at Mesa Community College and ASU. Rob specialized
in the Instrumentation field in 1986 at General Semiconductor Inc. Working in the Measurements field at the GM
Desert Proving Ground provided an opportunity to test vehicles and himself. Methods for
collecting and processing information became a way of life. He started playing regularly in Phoenix Leagues
in 1990 and joined the USTTA tournament competitions the same year. In 1994, Jeff Gadwell, Marek Zochowski and
Rob entered a Pact to strive for Olympic eligibility. Marek and Rob went to the National Training
Center for their first formal lessons. On Rob’s second visit to the Center, a canceled
Camp encouraged him to organize his own. Rob purchased his first camcorder in 1994
to tape the US Open and Bengtsson’s Seminar. Since then, he’s recorded over 1000 hours
of ping pong play with a collection of 6 cameras. He discovered the joy of an online community’s
collaborative interest and effort. Working with Gene Tom, the fantastic results of an
assembled animated gif of Fan Yiyong’s backhand loop came together. Easily sharing large quantities of video came
in 2005 with Mark Kent’s Server and an Insignia-400A computer teamed with a Cox Cable Internet
connection. Google Video recently opened another huge venue for display. Rob finds strength with wife, Debbi and 5
year old son, Daniel along with his extended Table Tennis family and friends. A box of tools rises us up to see…

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