loving generous and selfless that’s how people describe a Roanoke tennis legend who used the game to teach life lessons and today the city of Roanoke dedicated a tennis court in his honor 10news reporter leslie goodman was there and spoke with friends and family of this living legend I called the tennis player my boys Carnot’s Poindexter known to many as coach P is a local tennis legend honoring somebody who has made an impact on the city of Roanoke and education and sports and just mentoring young men and young women throughout Roanoke City he’s best known for winning tennis tournaments coaching students and helping some young african-american boys to college I’m gonna believe in you give people flowers while they’re still here he received his flowers today from the star city which named this tennis court after him for his contribution to the community I’m really honored and and especially for the number of people to come out and honor me the way that they did both black and white an emotional Poindexter was surrounded by family and friends at the dedication ceremony who we’re all here for the same reason what better honor than to name these tennis courts after carnage so I went to him and in typical fashion Carter said no not me let’s name him after somebody else but we persisted Fyshwick hopes this will be a tribute to Poindexter for generations to come in Roanoke was open in 10 News working for you

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