Kenny Brewer’s dog, Ruby (pictured), jumped into a lake in Anchorage chasing a tennis ball Lying under the surface were a pack of ferocious otters who left her needing a ‘mini-surgery’River otters attacked and almost drowned a 50-pound mixed breed husky on Wednesday in Anchorage, Alaska  Kenny Brewer, a 27-year-old dietician, was strolling with his wife, Kira, and their dog, Ruby, when they walked towards Taku Lake below midtown Anchorage  Brewer said that he decided to throw a ball into the lake so that Ruby could go for a swim  He had seen otters swimming but, thinking they were ‘playful’ and ‘non-imposing,’ he threw it anyway Ruby is a big fan of swimming, he added. The dog owner said Ruby dived off into the lake but then he saw river otters thundering towards her just below the surface  ‘First it was just the one otter on her, and then it seemed like three more,’ Brewer told Alaska Public Media ‘They started dragging her down, basically. You could tell she was getting bit, she was howling, she was kind of fighting back but she was getting dragged under for two or three seconds at a time ‘The loyal owner realised that Ruby was stuck and he would need to save her. He took off his clothes and got into the water in the hopes of rescuing Ruby from the ambush   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Otter’s gotta lotta learning to do! Creature that couldn’t The oldest sea otter at any aquarium or zoo in the world. Share this article Share River otters can cooperate with each other and work in groups They will often respond violently to things they consider threateningThe otters even bit at him as he tried to grab Ruby away from the violent onslaught  After he finally pulled her from the frenzy, he had to perform a ‘mini-surgery’ on his bleeding dog  According to reports, she needed one cut on her leg drained through a tube.  The otter, which is in the same animal class as the weasel, can work in family groups and will respond violently to anything they consider threatening    

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