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Dennis Veasley


  1. Thanks for another quality video, great to get us thiking about this very important fundamental, so important to good ball striking, excellent as always Adam👍

  2. Beginners have to be a bit careful here. I saw a very similar video a few years back which got my wrists in a very stiff (not hinged) position. This made my backswing flat, causing other problems, and took many lessons and time to fix. The concept in the video is, of course, right, but I'd like to point out where I went wrong. You'll see Adam hinges his wrists beautifully (90 degrees) by the time his left arm is parallel to the ground and maintains it right up to release. I focused too much on a flat right wrist during the take away preventing me from setting the club. I have to feel like I start setting the club as I move away or I don't get close to 90 degrees with arm parallel to ground. Please don't read this as criticism of the video, I really liked it, I just wanted to share my "learn golf from YouTube" nightmares!

  3. Great video Adam. Last few weeks I've actually been working on this very move, but trying to consciously manipulate my wrists. Needless to say, I've had mixed results. Looking forward to trying this drill and get those hands and wrists more supple. Cheers.

  4. Looking at those pics of the pros you can also see that the left hand / arm looks to be pulling more in an outward motion as well.  Thanks Adam, this helps visualize

  5. So if your core movement stops to quickly in the downswing you get an early extension of the right wrist and possibly hit it fat?

  6. This is the simple swing thought I've been looking for to help get that feeling back of "covering" the ball like I used to do! Thanks mate. Now the fluidity is back in my swing and I can hit those ouch shots again from 80 out into the wind. Cheers from Down Under. Love your teaching😀😀

  7. Enjoy your video's..you seem to be a body method instructor. What do you think of the arms method teachers…in any other sports such as tennis, bowling, darts, basketball, baseball, etc. the body follow the lead of the arms and hands. Concentration is on the target and not how each body part contributes to the goal. Best Regards, Tom

  8. Thank you, Adam. What a great tip!
    The funny thing is just for the past few days I felt that when I do my downswing, I should not only follow through with my right wrist but also guide it with a little power to push the ball till the end of swing. After watching your video, it seems I should not add more power with my right wrist, instead, I should hold it and respond with my core swing. Mind sharing with me your point?

  9. So is lag primarily generated by starting the downswing before you have finished the backswing like I've read before? I've tried to do that in the past and never had good results with it. Usually lead to a sloppy overly free wheeling clubhead that hit alot of hooks

  10. Simple, technically sound and reproducible. You are an excellent and dedicated teacher. Learnt a lot watching your videos in last 2 hours.

  11. or… you could set the right wrist early (dorsal flexion) and keep it there entirely a 'la Dante's book.. I've been doing that and I'm hitting 3 woods off wet lies (and everything else) like never before and I've tried everything. nothing is right unless it works

  12. Really great,quality instruction.Great,enthusiastic presentation.These have gotten me on the right path quickly.Thanks Adam for posting these videos.

  13. Adam, I would like to say, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY teaches this at all. I have seen a lot of teachings and NOBODY teaches this in my 50 years of golfing and trying to learn this game. I now can LAG with the club following my core turn like it should and I DON'T try to feel this at all, which makes it feel effertless just like it looks. You really have to let loose of the club and not strangle it, like I used to do. You really think this is going to really hit the ball far, but it is just the opposite. Now I am hitting it farther and it's feeling effertless. It feels GREAT. Thank you again Adam, you are the greatest teacher ever.

  14. This is certainly different to most of the other wrist hinge tutorials which seem to place a lot of emphasis on the L To L type
    Movement. A bit confusing but yours seems the more natural. Many thanks

  15. Hi Adam i have bowed left wrist at the top and my problem is to unload these angles at impact, i hold too much long in downswing and clubface lagging behind causes clubface too much open and 2 out of 10 shots heel strike. Please suggest what should i do.

  16. As Bobby Jones once said, "feel" as if you are striking the ball with the inside of your right wrist. Simple. Works.

  17. This is KEY to a good golf swing! This and straight left arm are my only swings thoughts. Absolutely crushing the ball with consistency because…… I’m “compressing” the ball. Take it or leave it my golfing friends

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