I played today Dr. Neubauer Rhino the latest doctoral product on a 1.5 mm backing I played the two training sessions, it’s definitely not long but I can say in advance that it is very unusual the performance of this cladding is at a very high level we get a self-adhesive foil in the set that is, we do not have to buy additional glue my feelings from this cover are such that I have never played such a similar thing and it’s hard for me to compare to anything else it has a very strange feeling and the ball after the bounce behaves quite non-standard this ball flight is strange the rotation on this liner is zero this cladding has no rotation at all we will pass the finger we do not feel any grip we even feel that it is slightly slippery the manufacturer says that this antiplatelet has a liquid non-slip coating speed rating due to the unusual feeling is very heavy it’s definitely a faster antek than a standard one from the very beginning you have to watch out for angle settings because it is very easy to throw the ball behind the table or hit the net sometimes even in your own half this is a very intuitive game This cladding does not forgive technical mistakes you must have it very well felt one or two workouts is definitely not enough to cover this cladding I suspect that for half a year, you would have to play to start the cladding feel the ball and earn points for 100% the distortion when you push the ball is large and the ball’s flight path is very unpleasant the ball stands on the edge of the table and hard to catch the topspin it is definitely not a cladding for elements the games are short and fast and either we get a point or our opponent the hardness of the cladding is also unusual the foundation after cutting was broken like a Christmas Eve wafer so it was so fragile hard the top also does not belong to the most flexible it is clearly plastic it is not a natural rubber this cladding was best done with a push and cutters from the second zone Interestingly, in the second zone it seemed to me that it behaves quite similarly to playing the tenon definitely this cladding is the hardest block game to close the ball you have to push it every time such an alloy block will never leave us a table or you can make such a move down to make the ball break through topsipin but it’s a bit further from the table this cladding is definitely for someone who wants to have an unconventional style It’s hard to dodge but if someone succeeds, it will definitely be a tough opponent for everyone this person must be characterized by patience, because some time will pass to the garden of this equipment Dr. Neubauer Rhino is a backhand cladding I tried to play it forehand and only forehand defensive games would enter the table Topspin or semi-top games were very hard to break through with linings that have no rotation should not be served however, with a lower level of technical training a long empty service may surprise you there is no rotation in the cover for this cladding that is, by passing we give away the rotation which the opponent gave us you just have to put on and get to the other side if we do it sensitively, we will shorten the ball hard however, due to the fact that the lining does not give rotation it’s hard to surprise you when you pick up the other side in the passive game this cladding is poor you always have to make a move to break the ball to the other side in an active game with a scythe we can surprise the opponent unusual flight of the ball however, you definitely can not get rid of playing topspin this cladding definitely does the most damage after reflection in the second zone at the table if we are actively pushing it’s fun because it’s an unconventional cladding which is not similar to anything else on the market and I think that there will be people who would like to try it to surprise your opponents I changed some Patronite concepts I will not collect equipment this time that is for table tennis equipment but for recording equipment so that you can buy and record the second webcam LOTTO Superleague from two shots if you want to have more cool things to watch if you want to have even more table tennis to see because actually this one webcam is not enough enough to record everything in one tournament on WTK at the tournament or in the first division where they play two tables I hope that you liked this new review and I invite you for the week after next hardware news

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Dennis Veasley

14 thoughts on “Review Dr. Neubauer Rhino + Anti Spin – table tennis”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGo067BXjOg&ab_channel=der-materialspezialist
    To jest filmik przedstawiający możliwości tego typu okładzin przez osobę wyszkoloną (Koreańczyk na filmiku należy do Kadry Korei Południowej 😛

  2. Super recenzja. Bardzo chciałbym zobaczyć na waszym kanale recenzje okładziny dr neubauer django. Zastanawiam się pomiędzy tą okładziną a Armstrong New anti. Ciekaw jestem różnic między nimi. Pozdrawiam

  3. Wtf? Who in the world would play against an antitop like that? Looks like videos from "Der Materialspezialist". Just show! Come on…

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