The fastest blade in the Long series Dhs Hurricane Long 5 is incredibly fast but still has the proper control needed to break through flips and to play near the table its amazing power is released when it hits hard making it suitable for every zone and to all offensive strikes This board is testing today a competitor who went to China he spent 12 thousand zlotys on the trip and brought with him the original miracle first-hand Hi, my name is Adrian Wiecek and I play for SVZIG in Germany this is the third German Bundesliga midnight we will test the blade for you DHS Hurricane Long 5 this is the provincial version, which I bought after acquaintance during my stay in China I previously played Viscaria now I changed to DHS Hurricane Ma Long 5 I left the rubber the same on forehand Tenergy Hard on Tenergy 05 backhand is faster than Viscaria and much harder which in my opinion makes it easier to play with plastic balls makes it easier for me to play hard and fast which is very important in modern table tennis has very good control I also think it is great for offensive play as well as for a block after switching from Viscaria, I told myself that this blade is suitable for my playing style great adapts with hard rubbers it could be, for example, Hurricane and Tenergy Hard on backhand I have Tenergy 05 which I play without tuning which makes it also harder and is quite similar to Tenergy 05 Hard after tuning I play this blade for about four months I played many tournaments and league matches for four months and so far I’m very happy with her in my opinion this blade best suits the offensive game and games further from the table so-called counter blade hardness limits soft and rotary play and supports strong forehand and backhand hits looking at my playing style, I didn’t notice any disadvantages or negative aspects I would recommend this board to any player who wants to play a strong two-sided attack I would definitely advise against it that start their adventure with table tennis and people who move a lot away from the table and give the initiative easily I was in China from mid-June to the end of August the flight from Poland lasted about 14 hours I stayed in the city of Shamen and Shengen I chose this place because I had good contacts with players who are training there and are currently staying A month of such a stay and training in China costs about 10-12 thousand PLN food costs are quite low because, like everywhere in Asia, food is quite cheap let’s say about PLN 40 per day workouts are very hard and intense often there is no air conditioning in the room also the conditions are very difficult about ten players are available in the hall with which trainings take place every day living in China is very good and even in my opinion the possibilities are much greater than in Poland hotel accommodation price and possibilities are very comparable to Poland The Chinese usually play Viscaria DHS Ma Long 5 or Butterfly Mizutani in training I saw that almost everyone played Hurricane on forehand and on backhand 05 tenergy although a new trend can now be seen with the Chinese playing on both sides of Hurricane China, in my opinion, is a paradise for table tennis players all types of equipment are available on the market blade rubber you can often buy at lower prices than in Poland Ma Long 5 is best to buy after acquaintance from fellow Chinese because versions that are on the market on the market can be counterfeited the cost of such an original blade ranges from 900 PLN to 1400 PLN depending on the number on the handle I’m talking about my board DHS Ma Long 5 I would like to invite all table tennis fans to train here contact to me you will find in the description below I invite you to subscribe if you do 1000 “like it” for me, I’ll do another board review for you

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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Review DHS Hurricane Ma Long V W968 | by Adrian Więcek | #tabletennisexperts”

  1. The title is misleading. He's using a provincial version of the HL5, NOT a W968 (which is the National version of the HL5)

  2. nice review..maybe next you can review w968 clone blade and compare them such as from Sword HD997 and Sword HD Long 5..yeah Sword also call it Long 5 and cheaper too.hehe

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