O.k. now on this time imagine that your opponent
isn’t that strong of a server .You’re, you’re turning your second serve or you’re, you’ve
really; you’ve got a pretty good serve return. So we’re going to do the topspin forehand
serve return now. So Ken’s going to demonstrate this, but I’m going to serve to him. So what
I want you to think about is here imagine I’m returning serve to my forehand, so I have
the racket in my forehand position; forehand grip and I turn, now because it’s a serve
there’s a lot of pace on it. I don’t need to take this huge turn, but I just turn and
then I want to hit the ball like that. So I’m trying to maybe win the point with this
return or just hit a nice force, tough return which puts them in a weak position so then
I can bring the point maybe on the next shot or the shot after. So Ken’s going to demonstrate
forehand topspin serve return. And it’s a great shot to work on, and you can win a lot
of points if you get a good return. Good; try it again. Oh that ball had some muster
on it! So as you can see you just do this drill and you’re going to get a pretty good
return and your opponent knows that if you can return their serve their in a lot, their
in a very tough; tough hole because then they don’t have any weapons. So if you can return
a serve it really makes you that much more of a deadly player because a serve is usually
a main weapon for a lot of players, and if you can return it pretty effortlessly it makes
holding your serve that much easier.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Returning Serve in Tennis : Topspin Tennis Serve Returns”

  1. The man that you use to make your lessons make you look ridiculous. Use someone that play a little better.

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