We’re going to now work on returning of serve.
So there’s a lot of theories on it but we’re trying to make it as simple as we can. As
you practice and grow in the game you’ll probably add your own twists and permutations to the
return of serve. But we’re going to stick to the basics for now. So Ken is going to
be, he’s our serve returner and I’m going to kind of do it also so Kens kind of going
to mimic what I’m doing. So you see how we hold the racket in our, in our middle; so
this way if they serve to our forehand we’re ready… So Ken. And if we serve to our backhand
we’re ready. So you want to be on your toes and you want to be moving your feet like this.
So it’s no different than in baseball, you’ll see the infielders moving their feet. In football
the backfield, everyone has to be ready to move their feet and in tennis you got to be
ready to move your feet because you have to be able to flow to the ball. So Ken’s going
to demonstrate all the different returns of serve in this segment of how to, how to play
tennis. So watch it and be ready to practice the drills and you’ll see your game. Every
point starts off with a serve and a return of serve. It’s the most under practice shot
in tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

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