Hey, I’m Nate from Design Squad, and I’m here with Desi and A.J. Today, we’re going to
repurpose all of this stuff. So Desi, what’s your idea? If we take one of
these tennis balls, make a slit in it over here and
add a suction cup at the bottom, we can create something
that can hold anything. NATE:
So, I’m just going to make a cut right across the tennis ball? DESI:
Yep. NATE:
And I do it really carefully. This suction cup will stick it
against the mirror or a flat wall. Now I’m going
to put some CDs in it. (tooting) Best kazoo holder I’ve got! We can use these
tennis ball holders to hold notes or reminders. Make sure to get a grown-up to help you cut the
tennis balls safely. Here’s some cool
repurposing for you. You know when you’ve
got some music that’s playing out of, like,
your phone or an mp3 player that has a little speaker? (rhythm track playing on phone) It sounds kind of high and tinny
and not that loud? (in robotic voice): Now it’s
time to make a recording. (imitating percussion rhythm) All right,
so we’ll play it back. (Nate’s recording playing) I’ve got a little toilet paper
tube and some thumb tacks to help hold it straight
and off the ground. And I cut a hole on the top. You hear how loud that is? Mm-hmm. And we put the
speaker in the tube. (recording plays louder) – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. Pretty cool, right? The sound gets bigger. (Nate’s recording playing) How would you guys like to see
a great way of repurposing… this? Dental floss? NATE:
Yeah, dental floss! Mmm! NATE:
We’re going to use our tricky dental floss
cutting method. Going to push down
close to the cake. DESI:
Ooh, it’s clean. NATE: Look at how clean
a cut it makes through the top of the frosting. And we are through. DESI: The frosting isn’t
the slightest bit smeared. Think we can cut it with this? NATE:
Pull it really tight. (laughing) Right through the rose. A.J.:
I like the dental floss better. Because it’s sharper. NATE:
The floss is like a sharp knife and the rope
is like a dull knife. Now, here’s what I think this
method is especially cool for. We’re going to cut
the cake sideways. It’s really useful to wrap
the knife edge around it, because it spreads
the force out. Nice. Now, we’ve got our
nice clean cuts straight across. A.J.:
That cut pretty nicely. These are bagels. This is a CD holder. I’m going to repurpose
this CD holder. We can put the
bagels in CD cases. Why would you want to do that? They used to all get crushed
all the time. Nobody wants to
eat a crushed bagel. Yeah. This one’s even tall
enough to have two bagels. Look around your
house and figure out what other stuff
you could repurpose. Stick it in the CD case
and then into… like your backpack? Yeah! Awesome.

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