Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and it’s
product review time again. The folks at Beaver LAX sent me their massage ball
plate. So let’s get started. So it’s a pretty interesting story how the massage ball plate came around. There’s a family
who invented this, and the mom ended up getting cancer, and while she was working
on getting better, the oldest son and the dad decided to develop some things to be
able to sell to help make some money. And both of the sons play lacrosse and
useful lacrosse balls for a trigger point release, and so the oldest son developed
this massage ball plate to help kind of keep the ball in certain spots.
So when you’re using those trigger points, the balls don’t roll away, they
stay in place. And what I really like about the plate itself is you can see
here it’s foam, so it squishes. So a lot of times when people have those trigger
points it’s really really painful if you’ve had a trigger point. The plate not
only helps keep the ball in place, but a lot of times I feel like it helps give
you some pressure, but not the full 100% pressure. So if you’re really really sore,
you’d want to start out with a plate to get some pressure in those pressure
points, and then if you wanted full pressure then you can easily take these
out and do those as well. What’s really nice also with the massage ball plate, it
comes with some little instructions here that show you some trigger points and
show you a couple ways to use it, and there’s also an e-guide that they send
you that goes into a lot more detail of how to do it with a massage ball plate
and without the massage ball plate. So I really like it because it’s easy to take
these in and out. You can put them in different places if you want to, moving
it around. The Beaver design is really cute, I like that, and when you move it in different places, you can just put it lightly in there,
you don’t have to force it in there because once you lay on it then it’ll go in
there a little bit further. So that’s really nice as well. And if you just wanted
more balls in there, you can get some more lacrosse balls and put them in there, so
that’s really nice. And I like it now the plate is designed, you can see how
there’s space here, so if you are lying on it to do stuff on your back or your
neck, you have this space here so it’s on each side so it’s not pushing directly
on the spine, it’s pushing on those muscles on the each side of the spine where usually those trigger points are because if you do it directly on the spine, it’s going
to be very uncomfortable. So again this is a nice way where it stays in place, so
then it doesn’t end up rolling on those bony parts which are very uncomfortable,
and I like that as well. But you can also do this on your calf muscles on your
thigh muscles, you can do it on your pecs, your chest muscle here, and so there’s a
lot of different ways you can use it. You can do it on your glutes as well, it’s
very versatile, so basically you can use it anywhere, and again you can leave it
in the plate have it stabilized, not moving around, a little bit maybe less
pressure, or you can take them out and then have that direct pressure on there
and push down as hard as you want to. So I really like that component as well. So
let me show you a couple different ways to use it with the plate and then some
without the plate as well just with the lacrosse balls. The first one I’m going
to show you is for the calves. So a calve trigger point release. A lot of times
if you’re doing a lot of exercising, running, even walking, you get a lot of
tenderness trigger points in the calf muscle, so I like to have it where it’s
lined up one in front of the other, so it can get the whole calf area, and just
kind of laying your leg on it just like this. And so you can see that it’s
getting pressure on those spots. You can either just relax the muscle and push
down, and I can feel a really nice pressure on the calf there, or you can
actually come up a little bit and put more body weight on it so that gets even
more in there, and if you want to wiggle it side to side, up and back and forth a
little bit, that kind of gets those muscles even more just moving around. But
you can see what’s great about it is then the balls aren’t rolling away or
moving, you don’t have to go and grab them, but if you do want a
specific spot just a little bit more, you can just easily take it out, and then
find that spot, and then to put it directly on there. So you can see it’s
just getting a little bit more pressure in that spot. You can move it around a
little bit more like that, and then you can still then come up and put some
pressure on it as well just like that, so that’s nice and that really gets those
spots, that gets that trigger point, and you want to usually do it for 30, to 30
seconds to a minute, just to make sure that you’re really getting that spot.
Most the time with those trigger points, you’ll feel it release, so you might need
a little bit more, you might not need quite that much depending on how strong
and severe that trigger point is. So then you can go into the glute muscles. A lot
of times people have some some pain in the glute muscle, the piriformis area
right there, so same thing you can kind of put the balls wherever you feel like
it’s going to get the areas or the spot that you need. So if it’s a bigger area
where you’re maybe the whole muscle is sore, you can put it wider out in these
here. I’m going to do a little bit closer just because that glute spot where the
piriformis is, usually isn’t a very long spot. And then again just kind of
sitting on it, getting that pressure, you don’t necessarily have to move around. I
can feel it right there. If you want to move around just a little bit, you can
and it gets some nice pressure in there, and you can just hold it there, and then
just right there I can feel my muscle letting go and relaxing. So it doesn’t
take a whole lot unless you have a really big strong significant trigger
point, and then again if you do, you can take that out, and then just kind of sit
on it, but that is a lot a lot of pressure to those, probably not something
you want to start off with. You would want to start off with the plate first.
Make sure that the massage ball plate is on a flat surface, especially when you’re
lying down, a nice firm surface will help get that extra pressure in there that
you need, so make sure that it’s not uneven or that it’s on a really soft and
probably something like a bed won’t be quite as beneficial. So lie down for the
low back since the low back has a little bit more
space there, I’m going to put it down where it’s a little wider right here, and
then just turning around I’m going to kind of get it on that spot in that low
back area, and just first of all I’m just going to lean on it like this. Again if
you have those trigger points, they’re probably going to be pretty tender, so
you don’t have to put 100% of your pressure on it. I can feel them on those
muscles right now even though I don’t have trigger points there, it feels
really good. It’s that kind of hurts so good feeling, and then if you want more
pressure on there, you can just go ahead and lie all the way down on it. You know
get a pillow if you needed to protect your neck, so you don’t have to strain
that, but I feel like almost if I’m up on my elbows for my lower back, it’s getting
a little bit more pressure on there than lying all the way back. And again if you
want a lot of pressure you take out the lacrosse balls and just use those
specifically. Also with lying down, if you want to kind of go into the upper traps
here, the neck area, then I’m going to go back into the smaller area here, and I’m
actually just going to turn it around like this, and so that’s going to get
right between the neck area on those upper traps, the levator muscles and
everything like that. So I have a pony tail, so it’s not hitting quite as much, I’d
probably take my ponytail out, but as you can see right here, that’s going to hit
those spots. And just like that I can feel that pressure on there. And a lot of
people have those trigger points, the upper trap, that levator scapula
muscle because that’s the one that we pull up when we’re stressed out. So again
once you find the spot, and there it is, it doesn’t take a lot of pressure. I
don’t have to put my neck all the way down, I can feel it right there, and if
you want to kind of move your arms out a little bit and push those down, that will
help get it as well. And so again, starting off you probably want it to be
in the plate, it stays put, it’s not quite as much intense pressure, but if you want a
little bit more pressure, just take the lacrosse ball out, and then do it that way. So if I was just
if I was doing it directly, I’d probably just do one ball at a time because again
since it’s not in the plate it’s a little bit harder to keep it in one spot,
but you can do just one, put it right on that spot, and then just kind of push
down on it that way, and so that’s a very very intense trigger point spot, so again
you might not want to start off with that much, start off with the plate
because it’s a little more comfortable, and it’s going to hold it in that spot
so you can just relax down on it and let those muscles relax. You can also use
this in a chair, so if you’re at work, if you’re working on your computer, in class
work, or something like that, you can put it on the back of the chair and still
have those trigger points. There are hole openings here and here, so if you
wanted it on a specific spot on your chair, you could just put a string or
little rope, and then tie it in that specific spot, so it would stay there. So
it’s a really nice piece of equipment to be able to use it in many different ways,
and you can again, you know, use it with the plates to start off with, and then if
you want more intense later, you can take those out and get really really specific
spots and pressure on there. So there you have it, that is the massage ball plate
by Beaver LAX. If you’re interested in finding out more
about the product, you can go to beaverlax.com, and if you’re interested in
purchasing the product you can click up here. And don’t forget to subscribe to
our channel by clicking down here. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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