(upbeat music) (laughter) (upbeat music) ^- My name is Tyler Miller, I play goalkeeper for LAFC. Today I’m here to see if a few people we pulled off the street can score a goal on me. Honestly, I don’t think they’ve ever touched a soccer ball in their life so we’ll see how they do. ^- Today we’re at the LAFC practice facility. ^I haven’t played soccer since like fifth or sixth grade ^so I’m definitely rusty. ^- Pretty sure I’ve been playing soccer whilst I was in the womb so, easy. ^- Probably 15 years ago. ^I think I’m gonna do pretty well. ^- I was actually Assistant Captain for my high school varsity team ^so I think I know what I’m doing. ^- I’ve been playing FIFA since 2011. I’ve seen a lot of tape on him. He’s seen no tape on me, so I have the upper hand. (rock music) (buzz) – [Alex] So close. (buzz) (group groans) – [Lizz] Yeah, Tristan. (buzz) (group groans) (chime) – [Lizz] Wow. – Cheeky penalty, I felt a little bit bad for doing it ’cause it’s a bit mean. – [Lizz] Okay, here we go. (buzz) (laughter) I tried. ^(upbeat music) (buzz) ^(group groans) – [Alex] Whoa!
(buzz) (laughter)
(buzz) (group groans)
(buzz) (laughter)
(chime) – Woo, I’m on the team! – You know, that was pretty good. A couple of you made it, a couple of you didn’t make it, a couple of you didn’t even hit the frame, but this time I’m gonna shoot on you guys. Are you ready? (chime) – [Lizz] Oh, geez. (laughter) ^- You’re in the middle. (chime)
(group laughs) This is fun. (laughter) I bet him he couldn’t score me lefty, so now I’m gonna score on him lefty. (buzz) (laughter) – [Lizz] So you like have to make this ’cause I made it on you now. – [Tyler] She’s pretty deceiving. (chime) – [Lizz] Oooh, aw, harder than it looks. – You think I can score if I just stand here like this? Is he ready? Are you ready? (buzz)
Damn. – [Male] Oh, wow. – [Tyler] Oh well, he saved it. – You wanna try? ^What do you want? Do you want hard? – Last one. He wants 100%. (rock music) (chime) ^(laughter) – Well done, that was a lot of fun, guys. I want to thank you all for coming out. Hopefully next year you guys can improve a little bit, maybe score a few more goals, but I had a great time with you guys, so thank you. – I scored! I feel, I’m amped, man. – For the most part, I felt like I knew I was gonna be rusty, I knew I was gonna be bad. I was pretty happy about striking that post in the first attempt. So I don’t know, I’m kinda proud of myself. – I mean this guy is a total professional and having little to no experience with soccer I would say that I did pretty well. – Yeah, I did pretty well. I’m pretty happy. I knew either way, the ball was going to go whatever way he wasn’t going. So, I coulda closed my eyes. – Didn’t do what I think I was gonna do. I have a pre-existing ankle injury that wasn’t taken into account. He has a physical trainer that makes sure he stays healthy. I don’t have a physical trainer. Next year I’ll be back and next year I will beat him. ^- You know I’m no Ronaldo but I like to Messi around. (laughter)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Regular People Try Scoring On A Pro Goalkeeper”

  1. I mean its Tyler Miller. One of the trashiest goalkeepers in MLS. Not surprise he let in a couple of goals. Vamos Galaxy!

  2. You can't bring people who doesn't even know anything about the sport…and girls who can't even strike the ball properly..DISGRACE

  3. Why not get people who play in a sunday leauge and get a damn goalkeeper who is at least well known like pickford damn it

  4. Ok new life plan, I’m moving to America and joining the MLS. With keepers like that I’ll be scoring 70 a season lol. Ima striker and I’m better in goal.

  5. Almost had me?
    You never had me
    You never had your gloves
    Side shuffling, not double stepping like you should
    Ask any keeper
    Any real keeper
    It doesn’t matter if you block by an inch or a mile
    Winning is winning

  6. A lot easier to get Pro in FOOTBALL in America than it is in places like England, Spain and Brazil. Most of the footballers that play in the American leagues apart from the ones that are there on big money contracts no body knows them

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