Hey what’s up guys! HKXFIT here with another video. So today I am reviewing this sweet shoe. This is the Reebok CrossFit model Nano 6.0. It’s a great shoe, so far so great. I really enjoy the shoe.. feels like you’re
barefoot but you actually wearing some great shoes for your CrossFit section. I actually use it for any type of activity,
like gym when I do deadlifts, bench press, it doesn’t have to do with CrossFit. Just gym lover. This shoe is really great. The first thing you notice as you grab the
shoe is the weight. It ain’t light like a running pair of shoes,
but it is noticeably light. With the re-engineered anatomical shape of
the new Nano 6.0 your feet will have more room to play, drive and overcome any obstacle
in the box and beyond. It’s mid sole has an impression molded technology
for cushioning and shock absorption. The shoe is very comfortable in all three
zones: heel section, mid foot and forefoot. I really love this shoe, I use it for all
complex exercises and it just feels the way to go. Yesterday for example I had a CrossFit training,
which included one mile run and the flexibility of the shoe feels just right. Crafted to be durable, the shoe features Kevlar
material to enforce its strength. Yes, Kevlar, which is the same material that
bullet proof vests are made of. It makes the shoe tougher and more lightweight
simultaneously. What can I say more? This shoe is fantastic. I am happy with it. Are these shoes worth it? I guess yes. Because they retail for a cheap price, I mean
$89 you can grab these and be happy, really nice shoe, comfortable, I love the shoe lace,
is really good. Another thing I love about the shoe is the
mid section right here. Is very wide as you can see right here. This section is too wide and I love it because
when you do deadlifts, squats, things like that, your foot tend to pressure the ground
so it gets really comfortable on this shoe. Thanks a lot for watching guys, I really hope
you enjoyed my video, if so press that thumbs up button below, it always does help a lot,
thank you. Yeah.. have a good day, peace.

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