– [Team] Let’s go! (team shouting) – Shut up and take it like a man. Shut up and take it like a man. – The motto for the
year is redemption 2019. We’re going to redeem ourselves. (somber orchestra music) (somber suspenseful music) What does redemption really mean? Well, yes it is about
wins and loses to start and it does go deeper than that. But it is about wins and loses. You know, going into last season, we had wins three
straight conference titles and went to four straight bowl games, we’re nationally ranked at a
high level most of those years. And you know, taking that step back with the disciplinary issues we had which is the lack of performance, a lack of finding ways to win close games, which obviously is something we’re still working on right now. This is a results oriented business and it’s about wins and losses. – [Team] Let’s Go!. (upbeat hiphop music) – Yes, you’re gonna make some mistakes. Yes problems are gonna occur, but own it. Just accept it, move on,
make the proper change so you could become a better person, a better player and a
better member of society. (dramatic rumbling) We’re trying to get these guys to play at that same conference this way, ’cause you guys didn’t know
what the word team meant. Before that game even started you guys had people beaten. They were scared. We’re trying to get
these guys to recognize they have the same ability to intimidate and dominate, just gotta have confidence. Game day, the day before the game, really important days. I really enjoy coming
in and clearing my mind getting a nice work out in. I get a call on my way in, Ryan Pope, who I’ve now worked out with a couple of weeks in a row over here, called me up today, coach,
you gonna be in again. You know, can I come
in and get a work out. So, you know, it’s always
like I’ve said before, one of the rewarding things
about coaching at this level is the relationships we build over time. When they come back and see ya, and they’ve earned their college degrees, or you get like Pope coming in today and he’s having so much success. You know, he’s a big, giant guy with a tremendous personality, it’s really, really rewarding. And I cherish these times,
like when Ryan came in. I think you’d be a great coach. When your mom first contacted me, said youd be home and asked me, come out and work with him in two seconds. When the pros are done, the guy really does need
to get into coaching. He’ll be an incredible
mentor for young men. He’ll be a great communicator. He’s been through it. – You know me, I wouldn’t
just say something. – That’s true, this is true. – You in town this weekend? – [Ryan] I leave Sunday. – You coming to the game tomorrow? Well, the annual homecoming game, what’s kinda cool about it this year coinciding with it being
the annual homecoming is the Crosstown Cup game against our closet rival down the street. I mean, you could throw a
rock and hit Cerritos College. – All right, so I just have go to? – [Coach Peabody] Go
to the front role call. – Uh huh. – They’ll have your ticket there. – [Ryan] Okay. – Josiah is gonna be here,
it’s gonna be a bunch of guys. – Okay.
– Yeah, a bunch of dudes you played with. (mellow hiphop music) Frankly, wasn’t real thrilled with how we practiced this week. But yesterday we were flat, we were lazy, the guys were kinda walking around. Come on, this isn’t good enough, let’s go. And I did not leave
yesterday feeling real good and real happy about our effort. We always enjoy it when Mike
loses his temper at practice ’cause he starts saying some stuff, it’s like, where did he
even come up with that. – The problem is you’re
coming in with the kick and when you get in there
with your hands grab him. (laughing) Right now, it’s gonna end
up three and out every time. – The kids call him trigger Mike ’cause he would just trigger. – You’re a lot calmer now, huh? – [Neo] 10 times. – Pick this shit up! I’m calm. – He’s more funny.
– Mike. A lot of people were surprised that I retained Mike Reisbig. Was I concerned about having the former head coach on my staff? Absolutely not, you know, Mike and I had a long-standing relationship. You know, I’m very thankful
to the Reisbig family. And they’re phenomenal people
and they bleed viking red. (mellow hiphop music) – [Mike] Go deep. – [Man] Great kick Fredo (whistle blowing) (car engine rumbling) (mellow piano music) – I went to Norwalk my first
two years, Norwalk High School. And then I transferred out
to Bellflower High School. Sometimes I’m here in
the success center just doing my work. There’s like tutoring and everything. Melody really helped me out
with my schedule for the Spring. I don’t know how to do this. – [Melody] So potentially
we’ll put you in Math. So let me check, are we a morning person? – Yeah, she’s just been a great help. I got into kicking senior year. I thought I did pretty good, you know, first time kicking and stuff. People think it’s easy, you know, you get so good at it, you know, it’s to a point where it even looks easy. Peabody pays Matt out of his own pocket. That really like, that really hit me. I was like damn, like, he’s paying him out of his own pocket for
him to come out and help me. Man, I feel like I’ve improved way more than what you guys saw
in the first episode. That kinda just shows
how supportive Peabody is and how much he believes
in me to become successful. (mellow piano music) (car engine rumbling) (funky hiphop music) – This is homecoming,
vote for your favorite king and queen candidates. Right here in the white T-shirt, this is Coach Peabody, our head
coach of LBCC football team. He’s gonna say a little bit of stuff about our team and our upcoming game– – Derrach West, I see you over there. This is our starting
quarterback, Derrach West. Transferred to us from LA Valley College, also known as De-rotch. Also an employee here at the campus, really coming into his own this year. One of conference leaders
in touchdown passes. Expect a big thing from him
coming up Saturday night. We’re going for our third straight Crosstown Cup win over Cerritos. Now, Derrach, take the microphone, tell ’em what’s gonna go down Saturday. – Come out Saturday and support, you know. LBCC, we gon’ do our
thing, smash these boys and keep that Crosstown Cup. – Man of a lot of words. Hey, wait you wanna come
do some dancing for him, since you’re all over Instagram? No wonder why I blocked you on IG. Anyway come out Saturday
night, we’ll see you there. Come watch us beat down
the Falcons, thank you. – [Squad] Go Big Red. – You can’t (cheerleaders chanting) – Shut up!
– Vikings. (hands clap) – [Squad] Go Big Red! (cheerleaders chanting) – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, good evening and welcome to Long Beach
Veterans Memorial Stadium for tonight’s matchup between the visiting Cerritos College Falcons. And your Long Beach City College Vikings. – [Team] (chanting)
Vikings, Vikings Vikings (player Shouting) (hands smacking) (whooping) – [Announcer] Tonight is Long
Beach’s 2019 homecoming game and the Crosstown Cup rivalry game. We hope you all enjoy the food trucks and tailgating in the
Veterans Stadium parking lot. ♪ Yeah, you don’t have to
be rich to be my girl ♪ ♪ You don’t have to be
cool to prove my worth ♪ ♪ background hip-hop song playing ♪ – 15 minutes, team prayer, go in get you, make sure your mind is
right and ready to go. Start freaking fast, if we win the toss, we are gonna defer and
we’re gonna kick off. – Yeah, game time! It’s time to heat up.
– Kick it right down the field on their ass and punch it in. Let’s go get ’em! (team shouting) – Aye, we done let two get away from us already, bro. Let’s start right now, Let’s go on this winning streak bro – Hell yeah.
– All right, let’s get it, aye. Strong beach on three, strong
beach on three, STRONG BEACH! – [Team] Go deep! (upbeat hiphop music) – You know we went in that
game, Cerritos is very physical. They have one of the better
defensive lines in the state. They’re well coached,
they’ve got good weapons in the receiver positions. We went out there and defensively and really physically dominated. – Come on, baby. – Push ’em.
– Come on, man. Let’s go Turp.
– Come on, baby. – Come on, bro, you gotta get those, bro. Gotta get those, baby, you over came that. (hand claps)
(upbeat hiphop music) (whistle blowing) – Great kick. – Gimme a hug. – Love you son, man. – Son?
– Yeah, son, man. You know what I’m saying,
fatherly love, I love you, man. – I love you too, dawg,
but I ain’t your son. (upbeat hiphop music) – You can’t take that so personal. God. Hey, you’re a smart
kid, you’re a wild man. Be the good kid too. – Aye, watch the double pass. – [Player] Smart kid and wild man. – Seven collapse like we know he will, who’s on the six? (whistle blows) – Nobody.
– Nobody, nobody. All right, come on, now. – Be great, let’s go, another
big play, baby, let’s go. – We’re going (speaking
away from mic)two times. Aye.
– Hell no, we going to hustlers,
what y’all talkin’ ’bout? – We’re going Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday. We got a huge conference
opener against East LA and we owe them and let’s finish it. Let’s finish. Hey, 1-0 from here on out and we’re 1-0 starting conference. (team shouting) (triumphant orchestra music) – Stay here, you know what I’m saying, Long Beach City College. Redemption’s here, baby,
redemption’s here, baby. Come on, man, y’all
already know what it is. It’s staying home again, baby. [Peabody] Tri-tip, tri-tip, tri-tip – God bless you.
– God bless you too. – You played your ass off, too. – Yes, sir, I’ll see you–
– Good job. – Monday. – 1-0, every weekend, 1-0. (mellow triumphant music) (team shouting) – It was a good game, it
was a good game, I had fun. I miss being out here kinda. Don’t tell nobody that, I
miss it out here though. (mellow triumphant music) – Bro, I’m leaving practice early. I’m gonna start the cooking. I’m gonna have ’em over at the house. Have a fire going for ’em outside, gonna cook it up, they’re gonna eat and then they’re bouncing,
I’m going to bed. (laughing) (upbeat rock music) You know, the funny thing about
the Riverside game is that, you know, as tough as Riverside loss was, it really helped our team grow. It really helped us
get ready for Cerritos. You kinda see it, we kinda
dominated Cerritos overall. Very good opponent and
the way we handled them is pretty impressive. And a lot of that is the impact that Riverside loss actually had on us. – Nice. Cap’ says he wanted to
sit down and talk to them. What we’re, you know,
halfway through the season and what we should be doing to, you know, just to better ourselves,
especially just to know what the players are feeling, you know. We got tri tip on the grill,
we got legs and thighs marinated for over 24 hours. We got hot links, we
got some mac and cheese coming off the grill, I mean, there’s a lot of things coming out. Oh we got all the captains coming over, offensively it’s Turp, obviously. Pat and Saeed the two running backs, Zion Bowens can’t wait. Defensively it’s a 2D
linemans with Shane and Devon. And then you’ve got, in the second, you’ve got Malik Welch
and then Dallas Burke. So we got a good group coming over. Bruno, get down, down boy. – [Mrs. Peabody] Careful, please. – I love it, it love it, hi, hi. (dog thuds) Oh jeez, you’re all good, you’re all good. – This is my first time making
it so hopefully it turns out. He loves his team, he loves the players. He says there’s a good connection
there, good comaraderie. So that’s really important ’cause there’s been years previously where they’ve been winning
and that wasn’t there. (funky dance music) [Patton] It’s about to be a good night. Oh they got the food. – It’s not bad, we’ve
got all sorts of groups that like (speaking away from
mic) steak a different way. Oh look at that, look at
that right there though, oh. That’s pink, that’s beautiful. Is that too pink, try it, try it. Don’t tell me you like that
well done bullshit, try it. – No this– – Put it in your mouth,
ut it in your mouth. Quit talking. – You can cook it a little bit more? – Are you serious? Different team and you
guys are here for a reason, I don’t do this all the time. But you deserve it, God bless
you and thank you very much. Coach Neo is gonna bless the food and let’s go to town, thank you. ♪ Because I’m hungry, ah ♪ ♪ Hungry on a Thursday evening ♪ – Ain’t no (bleep) A1 in my house, bro. Ay, get the bleep going. In all of honesty I’ve not a better leader for my own line group and to my team in 24 years of coaching. He is special, he’s mature. (speaking away from the mic) That you give me headaches, but seriously, in terms of accountability, maturity and leadership, he
has done so much for our team. He’s one of the reasons why
our team is so tight this year, because of him. (speaking away from mic) – Good bye Turp. (shouting) (water splashing) – Don’t let it go to your freaking head– – You know I stay working. – I’m gonna get you. But no, he’s a great young man
and I’m so lucky to have him. You know, we don’t have
a lot of out of city guys but this one right here,
is a special, special guy that honestly is irreplacceable. Don’t get comfortable,
don’t get comfortable. (laughing) – I’m gonna let you know,
like two weeks to go, I heal, I’m beating you up. – You’re gonna do what,
speak English, speak English. – Beat him up in two weeks
soon as I heal, that’s it. – [Coach Peabody] Really? – Yup.
– Is that right? – Brad, be there. (laughing) – Lost another shoe. And really it was the Riverside, the Riverside loss, shockingly
that led us into to Cerritos with a lot of confidence. Got that great win and there
we go starting conference play. ♪ Ay pass it to me, pass it to me ♪ ♪ Ay started to running two ♪ ♪ Now we the best, LBCC,
yes we best in the West ♪ ♪ Ay, the best in the West,
shit, best in the East ♪ ♪ You can’t block us, we so tough ♪ ♪ We the best, you know we run stuff ♪ ♪ Back to you ♪ – [Pierre] No you can keep it. (laughing) – You know East LA, redemption game and it was a totally dominant performance. The score, again, didn’t
reflect how dominant we were. Defensive holding under 200 yards. Offensive, just moving the
ball all over the field, running throwing, it was
a real pretty display. Yeah! Yeah! – Let’s go Turp, I got some syrup for the pancakes, let’s go, baby. – [Man] Call that jump. I’m tired (whistle blowing) – I’m so excited. – Yeah, I’m good. – Yeah, a little more. Why you punch me in my heart? You know I got a heart problem. – He said you can’t do nothing on me. (players shouting) Push- pulled his ass so hard. – It feels great to redeem
ourselves and move on. Great victory tonight. (mellow hiphop music) – [Team] Yeah! – Okay, onto Bakerfield, let’s go. – Onto bakersfield. – Tough road trip, Bakersfield,
we gotta travel well. And we look forward to the challenge. – Come on, come on, you’re slowing down a million dollar operation, let’s go. You are one picky little turd. – Time to lock in. – It’s kids like D.A. that
makes me wanna drive my own car. – [DA] Watch out with all that, bro. – Chocolate water fall,
say hi to the camera. (exclaims) – [Coach] We got some R. Kelly, brother? (laughing) – We gonna get up in Bakersfield’s ass and own that town after tonight. (horn honks) – They were totally dominant. We showed we could beat a good
football team in Cerritos. We showed we coud dominate
a good football team in East LA. And we look to Bakersfield,
we’re facing extreme adiversity and got that win with 42 seconds left, really got their confidence up further. ♪ You were my, my boo ♪ Y’all wanna try it again? Trying to get everybody else’s
(speaing away from mic). (laughing) – May I join in, bro.
– Man, come on. – All right. You ready, you gon’ join in? ♪ It started when we were younger ♪ ♪ You were my, my boo ♪ (dramatic hiphop music) -We get into Moorpark 45 to 14 halftime lead,
fully dominant performance. We got a little bit
lazy on the second half on the defensive side of the ball. And yet, Derrach West,
five touchdown passes, six total touchdowns. – I defintiely felt like I
started hitting my stride in the Cerritos game. Started picking it up a little bit more. Started getting a feel for my guys more. You know, where they
would be in certain rows. And just getting better
feel overall for the game and what college football really is. I mean, it’s been a great experience. – If it’s not there throw the swing or throw it away. – I had, I think, five touchdowns passing and I threw for 215. (upbeat hiphop music) – Man, that dude became
a baller, you know, MVP, conference title, just
putting up video game numbers. (upbeat hiphop music) – Ends up becoming the offensive player of the whole division, Dallas
division that last week. (shouting)
(clapping) – I’m glad we’re playing the
way we’re playing though, ’cause this definitely what I wanted. – We’re on that three game win streak. – You know, it’s about
45-14, but we ain’t done yet. – We whipping ’em, we whipping ’em. That’s what’s going on, we whipping ’em. – We whipping ’em, but we got
Canyons and Ventura next week They gon’ capitalize on everything. (somber suspenseful music) – Here we are, if we win this week, we win a share of the conference title. Worst case right now,
we’ve clinched a bowl game in a post season birth, which
is obviously a big goal. (somber suspenseful music) So right now, we’ve secured one of the main goals for the season, now we’re going for more. – Hi, my name is Jimmy Flowers. – Last game they kept us pretty busy, so there is a deep sprain – Hey, you have on UnderAmour,
Nike and Adidas, pick one. – 42 did a pretty good job, you know. Which everyone say, here’s the duck. You wanna see me eat a duck? – It was love at first sight. I am innocent. Every Rio – He’s just all bad. Oh, its tearing (upbeat funk music) – During the dead and
quit period of recruiting, they’re not allowed to
physically talk to a player. – Look at this guy, Steve. – Oh. – Redemption is underway! (shouting and cheering) – Right off the chest, man. (whistle blowing) – Finally, there’s no better
sport to play than football. (team shouting)

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