Can you believe it?!! Over 325 million
tennis balls and produced worldwide each year! And being used for only a few
minutes in professional matches to several games for recreational players,
all of these tennis balls eventually end up in landfills. Advanced Polymer Technology’s Laykold is working to reverse that problem. In partnership with reBounces and Ace Surfaces, Laykold is taking those tennis balls that were once
thrown away and recycling them, eventually turning them into new Laykold court surfaces. Here’s how it works: After play, the balls are collected in
bins, shipped to a recycling facility where the fuzz is separated from the rubber and chopped into tiny pieces. Next, they are mixed with recycled tires, pressed and bonded together to create five-foot cylinder which is cut to lengths and shipped to the job site. Once on-site, the mats are installed,
coated with Laykold and you have a new court ready
to play on for years to come. Better yet, these Laykold courts
provide 21% force reduction reducing the impact on joints and
making overall playmuch more enjoyable. Finally, a cradle-to-grave solution for the
millions of tennis balls produced annually. Just another green initiative by Advanced
Polymer Technology.

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Dennis Veasley

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