Hey guys, today we are doing a different kind of video. Were gonna be recreating Kylie Jenner’s selfies. I got this idea from my friend Mar She like recreated Kylie’s selfies, and she was like yeah, you should do it too, and I’m like okay And I’ve been wanting you to do it for a while just because I feel like I’m bad at taking pictures I am bad at selfies. Okay. I’m not bad, but I’m not the best. I’m not out here taking professional ass pics It’s literally just phone, mirror, BAM. That’s all I do. There’s no setting up. There’s no oh I gotta make sure everything’s perfect I got to make sure my bed’s made, you see that pizza box from last night’s dinner, I gotta make sure that’s in the trash No, no, I don’t care So I’ve saved a couple of Kylie Jenner’s pics and me and my boyfriend Who might I mention is also very bad at taking pics are gonna try to do this. If you guys enjoyed this video and want a part 2 Make sure you leave a like and comment below whose selfies I should recreate next. This is the first selfie we’re gonna try to recreate. See we got the beautiful sunlight there. We got that perfect makeup. We got that, that flawless weave, okay I ain’t got a weave. I don’t have a white dress like that, but I do have like this tennis dress type thing that I can use and by the way all of these are just stuff I have in my house in my closet. I didn’t buy anything for this video I probably should have but this is just everything I could find out of my closet So it’s gonna be close enough. See first of all I don’t have this gorgeous natural lighting in my house I don’t have like any light in my house. I don’t know what it is like There’s other houses in my neighborhood that like block the Sun, and there’s just no sunlight in my house during the winter But we’re gonna try I’m gonna put on glasses, so you can tell the difference between us and these pics I’m just kidding. I just want mine to be a little Different okay, this is the only room in my house that has natural sunlight, and it’s Sausage’s room That’s why it is always so cold on the second floor, and then his room is burning hot. I don’t – I don’t understand That’s like the a/c does not work in this room. Okay, so here’s my outfit for the first picture that we are Recreating I wore a white tennis dress because this is the closest thing I had to a white dress I mean, I don’t even play tennis I just got it cuz goes on sale and almost like oh, this is cute for if I ever play tennis I will have something cute to plan but babe. You cannot play in this dress huh? Oh that’s pretty sure I should I was like look at the tennis dress But it doesn’t even like cover my butt so I put up my hands to swing I’m just like a full-on butt shot, so I just realized she’s sitting and sitting Automatically makes you look thicker.
[Sausage] Christian and family-friendly video. Oh, yeah, it’s my back. Okay. Okay, so what is she doing in the pic? she’s like She like a lean in ansan. I ain’t even got anything to lean on okay, I got This okay, this is not working We need it close enough you see the pic here You got a look at it already nice the same the same lighting at all I know she’s looking at me so seductively with a big nipple mmm Let’s see how these pics come out She don’t got a broken Astro headset in the background, baby till chair more like this my hair Hair has to be off right here before yeah, man, you ain’t no Kylie Jenner can you get back into position Is the position no no wait wait I don’t know what to do with my elbow. Elbow down like that. Yes. Can you position me. And now boobies need to be more fix that way. This is so hard, I don’t like taking pics. Look. Its so hot and my makeup is melting off. Okay like boobies need to be tilted up that way, wrong way, opposite way. Oh my god no, its this way. No there like downwards okay, okay? Okay? This would be so much easier on an actual couch you’re gonna hate the lighting on you thing I’m trying so hard No, babe. You have to look at me with your head. Babe elbow down. Yes Retargeting they shouldn’t even be in the pit. They should be it’s in the pit for not my knees They’re not tilt you out this way fully-auto. Sample. Let me see some of these damn garbage. Yeah I’m not a photographer. Baby, these are so awful. You know what camera’s gonna focus on me. It’s okay. We’re gonna, try it again because there’s gotta be one pic That we do good. We’re gonna try again. Cuz this obviously didn’t work. Sorry. I don’t have that L.A. lighting. This boy Really carried the couch. No. Welcome to Sausage’s new Channel Brazzerr.com. See, the lighting we need is the lighting, Up there up there the lighting we need, but there is no light in my backyard. We doing this rather shoe or no Okay, this is good. This is better than the ones in my room. So you guys I put effort into this stuff? I? I deserve seven million, okay guys now. Tell me who does it better? Maybe these suck. I hate this lighting I’m not even kidding. I hate you Take pictures of me. Wait wait wait wait wait. Take picture of me. Okay, okay. You want to do it. You’re actually getting, no legs together. You don’t grab it you put it seductively No, this is not okay? Stop it so here is the first pic. I think it came out. Well. I mean, it’s White dress on point. That’s the only part. I did okay. I got the whole pose wrong I know I wasn’t looking at the pic when I was posing but Jeez like highly looked so natural and I look so uncomfortable like what am I doing here? I left my pizza in the oven I should probably go take it out instead of doing this stupid photo shoot. I don’t want to be here anymore. Hopefully, the next one comes out a little better. Next one is this pic on the couch I wanted to do this pic just because I bought those same exact pants from my boyfriend And I just found them so I’m gonna wear his pants for these I’m pretty sure I have a shirt similar to that. Those shoes though. What are these shoes? I don’t have any plastic wrap shoes, so we’re gonna have to figure something out. What is this outfit? Yeah, those are mine? I? Got them $20 from Ross and with heels with sweatpants Okay Kylie, okay, so we’re gonna sit on the couch right here. It’s like it’s like I’m twerking on the couch I like this this actually works out really good. I’m feeling money My knee feel soft. Like satin, I’m lounging about in my Kardashian home Where’s her other hand, is it like. They’re both on her legs, okay, so like on this like I’m gonna bust it open No, don’t do that. What are you doing to me? I look like i’m like, what am I doing here? Why am I being forced to pose like this? This does not look natural for me at all. It’s like I’ll sit like this. I’ll sit like I’m about a Papa baby. Oh, I think we’re getting a little better at this. This one came out Slightly better. There’s always room for improvement. I have the light pose all wrong could have been taken at a better angle And I was trying to like get sausage to get in there and take it at a better angle way see My man’s he doesn’t know angles, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out I actually don’t look as constipated as she does so that’s always a plus you don’t want to look constipated Comment below tell me what you think of this one. Did I do it good stop? We’re gonna Do this cute little car pick. The other day, I was gonna buy pants exactly like this. I showed them to sausage He was like you already have something like that I’m like yeah, probably and then I remembered I saw them in this pink so what should have got him But I didn’t I don’t have a black Ferrari. I don’t have a black car My garage is not as clean as this there kids playing outside So I’m not trying to do a mini photo shoot in front of my house because all my neighbors are already like snooping like What do for a living I feel like they know and then they just tell everybody else in the neighborhood. Everything just looks so Flawless like she just got up on that car snapped one pic It was perfect after checking her Insta, she doesn’t have that many pics like actual like selfies of that It’s like more, more quality over quantity well my Instagram is quantity over quality I got lots of pics, but there they’re just like Mirror selfies. I ain’t got somebody following me around 24/7 taking pro pics of me. All right guys, I don’t have a black Ferrari. But I think this work look down at my bag Like its my baby Fondlel it. We Gucci. Okay, so after I took this one I put the camera back into my car it fell off the tripod I broke my mic, and I broke parts of my camera so was it worth it to get this pic No, because that Michaels like 250 bucks. I think we did this one pretty okay – I like it I like the hair. I like the bag. I like the pose now. This is something I could do This is more doable. This is my style. This is good I can do this and I could probably do it good. Don’t really use flash I’m not a fan of the flash and a mirror pic, but he’s trying to hide your face up it works Okay, all right next one. I’m doing and I kind of wish I didn’t eat a five-course meal before doing this cuz We a little we a little thick in all the wrong places had two things ice cream I had a five course meal, huh? Let me let me look exactly how it is her arm is out hair back there this looks uncomfortable Her like is in a very uncomfortable position No, I just got a turn on flash suck it in I Don’t know how to put my leg or my knee Like is this supposed to be like this Like this out more. Oh, that’s how she does it okay? I’m getting better at taking pics You know this whole thing is just helped me get better and taking the Instagram pics I’m not good with posing and everything, but this is a really cute outfit. My legs are not there, okay Oh, I’ve you just stretched up. This is like very uncomfortable this one came out the best so far I really like how this came out. It’s almost exactly. I mean, I got the pants. I got the white shirt I got that flash. I even got that highlight. Just Kylie even have a highlight. No Kylie doesn’t even have that highlight I like it. I’m very proud of myself. I patted myself on the back for this next up We got the gray on the gray. I got a couple years ago It’s like this local clothes store cuz I made all these brands They get the same exact stuff like forever 21 fashion Novick you all those like closed doors just with a different label They get them from like this wholesalers or whatever I found in my storage room like a week ago, and now I’m like oh now I could do this video so again more my kind of selfies Hello welcome to my bathroom, so I got this outfit like four years ago This was before Kylie had this outfit, but I just so very much happen to have the same one, but it’s perfect cuz So let’s do this one good, okay, this one is easy straightforward Stuck getting curving mmm again Not something you should do after you eat and look a little constipated or no no no like I gotta pee We are finally making some progress See see how my pictures go from the first and the second to the third and the fourth I mean there’s definitely an improvement Maybe it’s because I’m taking the pictures and not sausage Yeah, that’s definitely it okay, so I think I’m pretty Decent at taking mirror selfies, but everything else like I know I don’t know how to pose them There’s no mirror in front of me. It’s like what am I do? we be creating these pics is so much harder than it looks like it’s not she just I’m just gonna snap a pic in the mirror real quick and it’s gonna be perfect nah First of all I think all celebrities and almost everybody on instagram with like a lot of followers like photo shops Out of their pics like just to make them perfect. I feel like nobody just snaps a pic and that’s it It’s perfect let’s you’re hella lucky. It doesn’t happen and this one more of my style more doable for me I can do this – I don’t have them Balenciaga, but I got some Nikes. I’m not a sneaker person I’ve never really worn sneakers I’ve never really cared for sneakers, but I do have a black sports bra and black yoga pants and black hair, okay This is a much comfier position than the other one the other one is like I Felt like I was going like this like a laying down at the side like legs sticking up trying to stick out my butt at The same time and just it didn’t work out this woman seems so much easier so much more simple Video hello everybody I think I’m doing this one good this all looks like it’s gonna still a little uncomfortable So I had two pics that I really liked for this one this pic and this pic that I took in my room While I was waiting for sausage to record the behind-the-scenes But I think this one came out good too again mirror selfies, it’s much easier I think it’s just posing in front of somebody taking pictures of you It’s just really hard and it’s like you don’t know what they’re doing You don’t know what that camera screen looks like you don’t know what they see so it’s hard If they’re like not directing you at least for me. I don’t know how to do that stuff. I think I’m done with this video. Help me up because I’m too tight enough right anyways that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below Which one did I do the best or did I just completely fail out all of them? So make sure you hit that like button in the face and subscribe to join the Wolfpack. I love you guys so much things you’re watching Bye guys

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