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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “RECORD 51 Kills | BEAST SQUAD | PUBG MOBILE”

  1. bhai , e vidbolo , ussko sab paata hain , kaaha enemymy eo dekho , a hacker from bangladesh , bhaia MORTAL please ek Expose chaiye , sala hacker bangladesh ke logo ko ullu Bana raha hain , please video dekhkeA bol do yaar , usko sab paata haihn kider enemy aur usko akm 66x spraAY sare HEADSHOT

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  3. Bhai soul mortal ji mai toh ek gareeb ghar se hu mujhe apne member ship mai add kar lijye na q ki mere pass paisa nhi hai or mai aapka bohat bada fann hu plz gareeb ka bhala kijye🤕🤕

  4. Hlw guys Mortal ka friend mere channel ko bhi like or subscribe karo plxxxxx plxxxxx plx bhi log

  5. You can hear Manipuri boys talking "Soul kangbu ne, Soul Kangbu ne" which means "It's Soul, It's Soul" 😂😂😂

  6. Mortal we/I have a small YouTube channel named "2Unite Beast"… If this comment falls down to your eyes, I wish you can go check it our once. May God bless you !!

  7. Lol its not world record i watched this but i forgot to sent comment bro you know the best pubg player is "PANDA PUBG MOBILE' because you killed 51 kills with whole squad and panda kill 35 alone lol

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