And as you mentioned off the top Alex both teams with Several key injuries Mostly on the Dartmouth side as Mabry slammed this one down. Harvard trying to fight it off after the three touches they did get It over. Arent, but they’re not allowed, a block from the Crimson. Seventh in the Ivy League in aces per set is Dartmouth But they’ve got it done when it counts. Funky-looking serve that time. Arent sets it and the moving block. This one on the overpass comes right back over and Rao. Little off speed touch from Pettit now the near side Mabry. For an easier block up front for Dartmouth did what it needs to do and defend those types of plays that you win those points Bella Almanza with a first touch and we are underway in the third set. Now Almanza with another ace win this and straight sets. Douglas on the serve that time for the Big Green. Rao coming through again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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