From Lavietes Pavilion on the campus
of Harvard University this is the Ivy League on ESPN. Inside, does it got the roll.
Inside as the ball, take it away, goes back up. Just rolls off the top of the
iron, but the second follow. Crimson down by four McCarthy hits her move and she’s
rejected. Bears gotta work quickly. Shot at the buzzer is banked in. And Yue
defending and boxing out Jeannie Boehm, but on the follow. Jeannie Boehm picked up those
two personal fouls back in the first quarter was kept off the court for the
majority of the half. Gets back into the action nice pass for McIntosh, far too
easy for the first year. Their season getting started a few weeks ago is
McCarthy follows. Boehm waiting for it shuffles and the floater is good. McIntosh kicks it out Crocker is good
from deep. Couldn’t have come at a better time, Brown
looking for the response. Heaves it up for Wes it’ll go out of bounds. Crimson
basketball with 2.2. There’s Jaelyn Brown three seconds to shoot. West
awkward positioning and she gets it to fall. McIntosh draped all over her
inserts it for Sussman to the cup and she converts. What a feed from Maggie
McCarthy. A come-from-behind victory for the Crimson in their home opener
fighting all the way back from a double-digit deficit at halftime. They
take down the Golden Bears 56 to 53 at home.

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