[Music] Saves the day it finds the
right spot. Harvard servicing pinching very close here for Szwabinsky. Li takes
the hand pass and Schoenfeld buries one. A daring Saint Francis receives it back.
Schoenfeld takes that one to set out to Li and closes that one. Mixing into the rotation big serve Fisher and and overpass and Ctvrtlik stuffs Leahey. Still set point here for the Red Flash.
Griffin Schmit with an ace. And that nine times out of eleven games so far this season. Strong serve. Tough set Szwabinsky. Howard takes the push. Ctvrtlik calls his
own number. A little wiggle room to then blast it into the net. Flat serves. Ctvrtlik saves it and Hong
puts it away. Server, Schmidt. Off the net cord, Fisher got to it. Szwabinsky, back set. Schmidt, roller. Howard, Ctvrtlik, McCrary, that’ll do it. That time Howard gets a piece. Ctvrtlik the one hand set for Hong. Griffin Schmit back to serve for Harvard. Alu elects to play it. Szwabinsky Schmidt. Li, Ctvrtlik turns it to Schoenfeld. Alu punches it over and McCrary punches it down and in.
Leahey to serve. Li got under it. Ctvrtlik back set, Schmit put it away.
A little hobbled after the fact, but Griffin Schmit wins it for Harvard 15-13,
the Crimson take it in five tonight. [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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