– This is, like, nothing.
– Yayy! Woo! – Yeah!
– Benny! – (man) Wait. You’re hitting
the wrong one. – (Tori) Oh, yeah, yeah.
– Ahh! – (Tori) Thank you!
You are a great accomplice! Thank you! – (FBE) This Sunday is the finale
of our Mario Kart tournament with multiple generations.
But if you’re here between noon and 3PM Pacific
on Tuesday, we’re live right now, gaming with our subs.
So, give us a follow on twitch.tv/fbelive
and enjoy this episode. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (both) Mario Tennis Aces. – Ahh, I already know
I’m gonna lose. – Since when did they come out
with a new one? – (FBE) So, Mario Tennis Aces
is the latest in the Mario Tennis series
that brings tennis to the Mushroom Kingdom,
packed with plenty of special moves. – What happened to Mario Party?
– So it’s more than just smackin’ the tennis ball. – I don’t remember
what version it was, but I played one.
And I was okay. – (FBE) In honor of the new show
we actually do on Twitch with multiple generation tournaments,
today you will be facing off against teens,
adults, and parents in a Mario Tennis Aces tournament. – Ohh. This should go well. – For the teens,
I got first place. So…
– Ooh! – (FBE) Oh, and Seth just
pauses at the end. He takes an L.
– You guys can have it. – (FBE) And our halftime show,
we’ve got The Carlton from Jackson.
– Jeez. Oh my gosh. – Chad!
– Chad has kids! – Chad’s the winner!
– Chad has kids and plays this all the time! – (FBE) So, we’re gonna teach you guys
how to play offscreen and then let you battle it out. – All right.
– May the best person win. – Yeah. We’ll have to represent
our gen real good. – Game on. ♪ (invigorating music) ♪ – I wanna go
with a different character that I wouldn’t usually pick.
But to be honest, I really wanna be
one of the princesses. – Yeah.
– I’m just gonna do Daisy, ’cause she’s an all around.
– You’re gonna do Daisy? We’re gonna play Toad.
I’m gonna play Toad. He’s my height.
All right! – You got your hype men back there.
– All right. – Oh, I don’t like it already. Oh, good. Cool.
– Sorry. – Oh my god.
We’re doing it, you guys. We’re doing it!
I got a point! Oh my god, I can’t!
– Shut up! – (chuckles) What happened?
Oh, you did your thing. I wanna do my thing. This is a game I could very easily
be extremely angry at. Like, I should never play this
with someone I actually wanna preserve my friendship
with them. – Makes sense.
– I wanna use my thing, but I don’t think
it’s charged up enough. Oh my god.
This is scary. – Ah, [bleep].
Thanks, dude. – Oh, god!
I wasn’t even paying attention! I was looking
at your side of the screen. – (groans)
I need to learn that speed thingy. – (Daisy) Hey, hey! – Oh, wait, you definitely
did not use your special thing, ’cause this a whole extra–
oh, god. What’s going on? I don’t know. How do I shoot it?! (chuckles) – That’s not fair.
That’s just a guarantee. – I actually gave him…
– Oh, but it’s mine! Yeah, you gave me…
– …a point by using my special. Oh, I really don’t like
this heartbeat sound. I’m nervous enough!! Ohh.
– (voice-over) Game, set, and match, server.
– I almost had it there. I feel like it pretty much sums it up
that he got a point when I was trying to use
my special power. (laughs) Here, use your power up
that you’ve been saving this whole game,
and then shoot it out. (laughs) Okay, that’s fine. – I’m honestly just gonna pick
whoever is wearing the cutest outfit. – (laughs) Nice strategy.
– It’s how I live my life. I’m just saying,
she pretty cute. – Mm-hmm. Okay. Good choice.
– She pretty cute. – I’m going with my favorite, Luigi. All right. Oh, you’re serving first.
– All right. It’s my serve. – Okay.
– Let’s get ’em poppin’. – Let’s see how this goes.
– Look that way. – Okay. W– (laughs)
All right. Oh, that one spun around
in a different direction. – Oh!
– Okay. All right. – Woo.
– Boom. – Go girl. Go, go, go.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – Oh!
– Get over there. – Oh no!
– Ohhh! – I’ll get one right
at the time release. – Were you not ready?
Should I have waited a second? – Can you ask me first next time?
– (chuckles) All right. Are you ready
for the serve? – Yes! Thank you!
– (both laugh) – Here we go.
– If you could serve it right towards me,
that would be great. – (both laugh) – Are you ready for the serve?
– (both laugh) – For reals, this time, yes.
– Okay, here it comes. – Okay, okay.
– I’m serving right now. – Okay, thank you!
– (both laugh) – (screams)
– No! – That was–
– It was fun. – It was– listen,
it was a battle. – (laughs)
– But Luigi came out on top. – He really did. ♪ (invigorating music) ♪ – I’m just gonna pick Waluigi,
because he’s known for Mario Tennis. – I’m gonna pick Yoshi,
because I feel like Yoshi is a smart little frog dinosaur.
And he’s speedy, and I always pick Yoshi. Oh. Oh, shoot. Oh my god!
I already lost by one. I held it too quick. – Oh!
– Ooh. – Ooh. – Yes! Go!
– Dang it! That was pretty good.
– All right, your serve. Oh my god. That was so bad.
Come on, Yoshi. Get it together.
– Shouldn’t it be 15-love or something?
That’s how tennis is. It’s, like, 15 love and–
– – (FBE) Yeah, but this
is Mario Tennis, Jackson. – Who cares if it’s Mario Tennis?
It should– – Are you kidding me right now?!
– I’m feeling good about this. – Oh!
– Ooh! – He gets one more point,
and I lose in, like, five minutes. – What do you mean–
– Oh, there’s a body shot? – (voice-over) Game, set,
and match, server. – Nooo! – I feel good about it,
but then again I feel bad, because I kind of swept her.
I didn’t me– I– – That was a scam.
– I didn’t– I’m really trying not to be competitive right now,
but I didn’t mean to sweep her. – I’m probably gonna go
with Daisy or something, ’cause she’s
an all-around good player. – I’m gonna pick Yoshi,
’cause it’s the homeboy. – Oh, you’re serving, looks like. – I don’t even–
– Oh, this is how we do it. – Okay. – Huh!
– Ahh! – One point.
– (screams and laughs) Why is she falling like this?!
Get up, girl! – Huh, huh! Ah! She got a point!
– What?! Am I serving?
Is it me? – Yes, it’s you–
oh no, it’s me. – Trying to trick me?
Is that what you were trying to do, Carson?
– No! – Oh, no! NOO!
– Let’s go! Here we go, baby!
– No! No, no, no no! What is he doing?
What is he doing? – I used my special. – (voice-over) 3-1.
– Ha, ha, ha, special shot. – All right.
– It’s an automatic point. – (Daisy) Hey, hey!
– Oh, no! Oh, I gotta block it.
– Oh, oh! – Oh, she’s flying.
– Oh, oh! – Oh, LET’S GO! (laughs)
– What!? What the he–!? – Oh, you got the point anyway.
You’re making me nervous, Jair! – Oh, [bleep]! – Here we go!
– NOO! Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
I gotta prepare myself. – Double rainbow,
let’s go! Oh, wait. What’d I do?
– What’d you do, Carson? – I rolled around!
– What’d you do, Carson? – I didn’t mean to! Oh!
– Oh, what the heck? – Did you see that?!
– I didn’t wanna see it. – Ohh!
– What was that!? – You got this. Oh.
– I– Oh, I pressed X. I pressed X.
I didn’t realize that. – Good match. Good match. – I feel like there is
this predetermined notion about adults and games.
– Oh. – And I’m gonna
prove that wrong today. – Okay. I’m actually nervous.
– Me too. – To be honest. And here we go!
– Here we go! – Ahh!
– Ohh! Yeah, I’m ready.
Ooh, nice, fast hit. – Thank you. – Give us that.
– Ah! – What the–!?
– Oh, ho! Did you see that? – What was that?
– Did you see that? That’s what I was talking about!
– That’s amazing! Yeah!
– Oh my gosh! So, you’re just gonna
keep hitting side to side or are you gonna
hit it straight on? – Oh no!
Oh, phew. – Ha!
– Ahh! – Let’s go!
– (laughs) – This is so intense. – (both grunting) – (both exclaim)
– Come on! – I’m afraid to hit another button. – Oh god.
– Here we go! – Wha–
– Got my special moves in play. – (laughs) What? What?! – Oh, what!? – (voiceover) 5-1.
– What?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!
It backfired! – (groans) – You’re good
with those fastballs. – (grunts)
– Ahh! – You’ve gotta be kidding me.
I am not about to lose here! – Here we go.
– Yeah. – (sucks in breath) Ah! – Oh, what the–!
Wait, was that– – That was it.
– That was it?! – That was it. – You gonna get beat today.
– No! I feel the opposite.
– We’ll see, we’ll see. – That’s the thing.
– Okay. – Waluigi’s my man.
– Oh, is he? – Yeah. And–
– Is that why he isn’t included in Smash again?
He’s still just a little trophy. (chuckles) You know what’s funny
is that Daisy’s in Smash, and you can actually
play with her. (chuckles) Daisy. Your serve.
– Ooh, I’m serving. Oh.
– Wah! – I charged up before I went there
like you said. – Okay, okay, okay.
– It’s okay. – Ya!
– Oh yeah! Waluigi! Walui–!
YEAH! – Well yeah, obviously. (laughs)
– Wha– – If you don’t time it right,
you whip yourself! – Well, I didn’t know!
I’ve never done this before! See, I’m not fast!
That’s the problem! You’re fast. – (Daisy) Hey, hey!
– Let’s try it. – (Daisy) Woo!
– The heck is this?! – (voice-over) 6-0.
– See? When you use it correctly–
– I don’t know how to play this game! – I feel like I’m not
as scared as before, but now it just comes
to a game of, like… not if, but when I take it. – What?! That was a body shot.
What the– what is that!? What is that!? I was–
– I wanted to go against Jackson and whoop his teen ass!
And guess what? I WHOOPED that teen ass,
7-0, BOY! – That’s [bleep]!
– Respect your elders! – That’s [bleep]! – (grunts)
– (chuckles) – We did it. We did it.
It’s come down to this! – This is it, right here.
– I’m not gonna trash talk them, because win or lose,
there’s a respect here, because we’re adults.
– Yup. – (FBE) You’re talking about him
like he’s not– – But I wanna
frickin’ win so bad, man. – All right, you got the serve first.
Here we go. – Oh, okay, okay.
– Okay. Aright. – That was a charge.
– Yeah. – I charged before I went in.
Yeah, yeah. – Here we go.
Ooh, nice hit. Nice hit. Okay, back to you.
– Thank you. – Uh-oh. Oh! Ho! Ohh! – Nice, nice. I see what’s up.
– Man. Here we go! Ohh! Oh!
– Try to use that slow down, man. That slow down is tough. – Oh, that was a big hit.
Oh, come on! (exclaims and laughs) Oh, man. Jesus.
This is intense. – I was too far from it.
Was too far from it. – Man.
Ooh, good hit. Good hit. Oh, what the heck was that?
Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Ooh! These power hits.
You are killing it. Oh! Ha! Oh! (laughs) Oh my god!
All right, here we go. Oh… my… god!
– Damn, sweeped in the end. Oh my god!
I am honored to be able to take the adults
to the win and prove that adults
can play video games. – That was fun. That was good.
– Yeah. This was a great game. – We should play again.
– I agree. Let’s play. – Hey, guys. Marc here,
producer at the React Channel. If you enjoyed
this generational tournament episode, well, guess what?
We do the same thing every week on Twitch.
And this coming Sunday at 3PM Pacific Time,
we’ve got the winners from the elders, adults,
and teens bracket all facing off to see
which generation is best at Mario Kart 8.
So, tune in at 3PM Pacific Time at twitch.tv/fbelive.
See you there.

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