We’re going to de-tangle Rapunzel’s hair… and transform it from gooey to gorgeous! And we’re going to make her a new dress! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Rapunzel’s hair is a tangled mess! This is no ordinary tangled mess There’s glue oozing out of her head It gets all over her hair making a gooey icky sticky mess! This Rapunzel doll belongs to my cousin Rachel and she’s here today to help me Say Hi to everyone, Rachel Hi Let’s get started We need a spray bottle filled with warm water and one tablespoon of fabric softener and a brush with plastic bristles Spray a section of hair with fabric softener You’ll need a lot! Start brushing from the ends up The gooey tangles will be hard to brush so… spray more fabric softener on them Use as much as you need These are not ordinary tangles You’ll end up pulling out some hair… that’s to be expected On to the next section Spray lots! You’ll need it! The hair closer to the head is the worst! That part has the most glue Next section Spray, spray and… spray some more! The tangles are so bad we’re going to use a comb This comb is a metal comb It’s actually made for dogs It’s super strong and great for de-tangling doll hair But you’ll still need lots of fabric softener You’re doing a great job Rachel! Look at all the hair that got pulled out! Now we’re going to wash the fabric softener out We’re using Dawn dishwashing soap But any dishwashing soap will work Rub the soap all over the hair Work it in so you get every strand Lather it up! Now we’re going to rinse it all off with warm water The next step is to apply Goo Gone on her hair This product takes off gooey sticky stuff like… makeup from hard surfaces… stickers from objects… gum from your shoes and… crayon marks off walls This Goo Gone has a danger label Right here. See? Kids should not be using this You’ll need an adult to help you with this step There are warnings in the back It says contents harmful! Do not swallow I’m going to put this all over Rapunzel’s hair Make sure you cover every strand of hair from top to bottom Work it in so you get every strand Now to wash my hands Dishwashing soap does the job better than hand soap I’ll leave the Goo Gone on Rapunzel’s hair for 15 to 30 minutes About 20 minutes have passed and now we’re going to wash out the Goo Gone Use lots of dishwashing soap! Rub it in and get every strand of hair Rinse it off with warm water Pat her hair dry with a towel Her bathing suit is wet so I’ll take it off She’s looking good! And her hair feels really clean No sticky gooey feel to it So because of the glue seepage De-tangling and de-frizzing Rapunzel’s hair has to be done a little different See her scalp? See those little holes where the hair is coming out of? There’s glue inside her head In high temperatures, the glues melts a little and seeps out from the top This is why I didn’t give Rapunzel a hot water rinse when I washed her hair I don’t want any more glue coming out so… I’m going to keep her head out of the hot water in this step This water is very very hot It’s almost at boiling point Put her hair in but keep her head out of the water See? The water is really close to her head Keep her hair in the hot water for 2 to 3 minutes Take her out and put her on a towel Pat her hair dry Stand her up in a tall mug Comb or brush her hair the way you want it to dry Rapunzel’s hair is straight with no curls so… we don’t have to so anything to it at this point… except just comb it straight down If you have dolls that you want to add curls to… watch my video Barbie Hair Repair The link is in the video description or… you can click on this icard and it will take you to that video We’re going to let Rapunzel’s hair dry She says… See you later! It’s been a couple hours and Rapunzel’s hair is dry Look at her hair! Wow! It’s beautiful! It’s so soft! It’s gorgeous! Her hair looks and feels brand new! No tangles. No more goo! The goo is gone! The Goo Gone worked! We have a surprise for Rapunzel We’re going to make her a new dress to go with her new hair! This dress is so easy to make! You’ll need a hairband like this They come in all sorts of colours We got these at the dollar store Look at all the colours and patterns Just make sure they are the stretchy kind They’re tubed shaped See? Like this! And you’ll need some stretchy fabric hair elastics like these We got these at the dollar store We’re going to make Rapunzel’s dress purple It’s her favourite colour I’m going to cut it at the sem Cut both sides of the seam Now it’s one long tube. See? The colour of the hairband is dark so… I’m going to show you on a toilet paper roll what I’m going to do So let’s pretend this is the purple tube hairband I’m going to flatten it so it’ll look like the hairband Now I’m going to open it up and flatten it so… the first fold is now in the middle I’m going to do the same thing to the hairband Open it up and fold in the middle and flatten it Like this. See? Now I’m going to draw lines on the toilet paper roll to show you where I’m going to cut Draw a line the width of your finger draw a line just past the centre I’ll mark the centre for you because you can’t really see the centre fold Here it is up close See the centre fold? I’ll draw it in more just so you can see That’s the centre So I drew this line that’s just past the centre Now I’m going to draw another line starting from the centre. See? The line curves and then goes straight. Like this Now I’m going to cut the first line I drew Cut a little past the centre mark. See? Now cut the second line up to the centre It’ll look like this. See? Now I’ll cut the top like this so it’ll look like this So now that I showed you how to cut on this toilet paper roll I’m going to do the exact same thing to the hairband Draw the first line the width of your finger Just past the centre fold Draw the second line from the centre fold Curve it and go straight Your lines will look like this See? Now cut your lines It’s cut just like the toilet paper roll Next cut the top like this I’ll cut the length later Now to get this on Rapunzel Pull it right up to her arm pits Hold on to the ends of the top and pull It’ll go skinny and curl That’s what you want This will be the tie that will go around her neck Pull the dress up so that the tie is right up to her neck Turn her over and tie the tie You don’t have to make it a bow but I’m going to Turn her over and tuck in the edges so… you get a smooth finished edge Doesn’t she look awesome?! Now for the finishing touch A belt Rachel wants pink Get it on and pull it up to her waist Wow! So pretty! Now I’m going to cut the length I’m going to make a mark where her toes are See the marks? I’m going to pull down her dress a little so we can cut along the marks Rachel is going to cut it Good job Rachel We can fold her dress up to any length we want I’m going to fold it to mid calf length Doesn’t Rapunzel look gorgeous in her new dress? And here’s a look at the back Save the piece that we cut off It can be used for a top or a skirt I’m going to change the length of the dress to floor length Now the dress is an evening dress I’m going to change the length again! This time shorter I’m going to flip the dress over the top this time Pull it right up to the belt I’m going to use the belt to cover the edge of the dress And voila! Look! A new dress! This dress is like 3 dresses in 1 She’s gorgeous! New hair! New dress! Wow! Which dress length is your favourite? Long? Medium? Or short? Post your answer in the comment section below or… take our poll Just click on the icard in the top right hand corner Whichever dress length you choose, she looks great! And her hair… Remember what her hair looked like? Here’s the before photo Ugh! She went from gooey… to gorgeous! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like It looks like this Check out this video Rapunzel is having a fashion show! Here are some of the dresses we made from the hairbands Don’t they look gorgeous?! And there’s more! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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