It was a big win. And I know that
Bentley is, I think, one of the toughest teams
in the conference, so I knew we would be seeing
them again after our first go around. And they were every
bit as tough today. I would have loved to have
had all three doubles. And once I saw us lose a
tight one at three doubles, I realized that we
were in for a fight. And even though the
score reflects 5-2, I realize that there were
some very tight matches. For Ricardo to bring it in in
three sets was huge for us. Because you could start
feeling the stress was getting pretty heavy
for all of us here. Yeah. It might be a better
question for him, but maybe kind of talk
about that mindset. Obviously, he wins the
first set, I think, 6-2. Then drops the second one 6-1. Talk about the mindset to stay
calm and be able to come back in that third set. Well, yeah. He regrouped. I mean, he went in there. He sat on the bench. He got a new can
of tennis balls. He took a deep breath. And he went back out there. I mean Brendan definitely
had the momentum in that second set. And he was hitting
a lot of lines. He was catching a lot of tapes. I mean, that’s
tough to maintain. And in that third set,
I mean, the war was on. And Ricardo found his game
again with some great movement and some very deep shots. And he did really, really well. So able to close it up. But Brendan never
gave up the fight. So Ricardo really
had to earn it. You know? He earned that win. It wasn’t handed to him. Northeast-10 title match
against Adelphi here Sunday at 1 o’clock. Obviously, a successful
season so far. 10-0 in the conference. Regular season champions. You advanced the title game. What do you have to do though to
kind of complete this and reel them in, not let them
think this is in the bag and really kind of
focus on Adelphi and complete this thing? Well, that’s a great question
because they’re young. And I’m not going
to let them get anywhere near too cocky or
overconfident right now. I mean, at this point here,
Adelphi is a very strong team. We played them. We did very well against
them the first time. They were missing a key
component to their offense. That component player
is now back in, so they’re going to
be very, very strong and looking forward to a
rematch with us on Sunday. So our guys will be
facing all new players in the singles lineup and
in the doubles lineup. So again, we will
be well-prepared, but they will know that we’ll
be in another big battle. And we have to fight
to the very last point. Thanks, Coach. Thank you.

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Dennis Veasley

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