can’t let that little guy guard him Barnes and love get entangled with $10
called a technical well I’m sorry that’s ridiculous guy here because these two
guys know one another this is brewing love between Kevin Love and Matt Barnes
and he was joking around here and that didn’t warranted a technical foul by
Matt Barnes yeah there was a little bit of play but how is this a technical foul
are you come on are you serious I think the repertoire groups is not a good call
but you don’t want to get out of hand talking about the physicality of the
game and you’re worried about that I’m saying when it’s a blowout game that’s
actually about the third or fourth foul they could have been to sit at a hard
foul and I think the relative cognizant I don’t like to call anyway whether you
write you’d be a terrible official if you would call that on me on the walk
right into your grill couple of UCLA guys getting together Barnes and Logan
off the turnover hey Phyllis come on Chris Paul
and it may have been Lauren hope camp calling the T yes it was just made it look worse yeah not a man
like I think we got a show better composer but at the same time someone
was ridiculous I detect that I got that day was ridiculous okay with nobody say
I don’t care what she say she that’s terrible there’s no way that can be
attacked frankly we try to get the ball out fast every time down the course yeah
and when we did that she said uh-uh and I said why uh-uh she gave me a tech no
that’s ridiculous if that’s the case then this might not be for her he said
something there’s Paul where he’s dolphin pick
gets it out to Griffin from straightaway and knocks it down so Blake Griffin
with 14 points 69 47 Cavaliers cross-court throw my
love into through politic now the father’s fall of walk on Irving the Cavaliers have to be careful right
here fall in love with the jump shot but that’s the only way to clipless we
really get back in the game if you get them jumped out the jump shots are
really fast break starters and this a clipper team that is 33 and 16 they have
won seven of their last nine games GODDAMMIT! camp is having her Kodak moment right
here you know he’d be a whistle I think that might have been a taunting foul he
did scream something at her now Doc Rivers might get tossed out
remember he already has one technical here he thought he was fouled here
DeAndre Jordan and this 4/4 technical called but I wasn’t whippers I will say
this officials sometimes have to give the players the license Sharia they’re
not robots out here

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “RACIST ANTI-BLACK female referee Lauren Holtkamp vs SEXIST ANTI-FEMINIST Chris Paul WOW!”

  1. I hate her I wish Chris Paul just uppercutted her and she died and when she was on the ground the whole team pissed on her face and then they lit her on fire

  2. I love how ignorant people use the word racist for someone who doesnt do for them or bow down and kiss ass.u little snowflakes in usa are so petty

  3. Because blacks sure serve as generous and kindered spirits in whatever community they reside in. Who are you kidding? Real estate value drops with increased black populations and crime increases drastically.

  4. She is not conducting herself as a professional . It's hard enough for females to thrive in this sport and this woman is going to ruin it for other women. After this she will not get to ref many games. Beware the power of the mega rich ball player.

  5. As someone who respects sports so much if I'm a ref I'm not allowing my own saltiness to get in the way I'ma be unbiased and call a fair game…even as a die hard Blazers fan I'm calling shit down the middle even when watching the shit home I'll get mad at calls that benefit my team but it's the wrong call so refs really piss me off cuz if I can see shit clearly why can't they?

  6. They need to control their emotions. Screaming goddammit on a court at a ref is a great way to get a T. He should of been tossed. But wait he is black. Oh well then it’s obviously racist.

  7. She prolly wanted to get one of the clippers attention to go to the bedroom with her to you know what….

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